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It Always Happens on Wednesday

Tuesday night, I finished my post and went to bed. Wednesday night, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.

I woke up last week to find that my post had been scheduled for the wrong day. I also found a message from my former debate teacher asking to call me. This wasn’t a very odd  request, we’ve been getting together fairly often. As you might remember, Kristina works for KC Parent, and I used to write for the Teen Blog. I don’t know if I’ve ever told her this, but I have always thought she has possibly the coolest job ever.


When she called I was still kind of groggy and it took me a minute to figure out who it was on the line (I don’t talk on the phone very often, and never right after waking up). She told me her plight, which I already knew in part, and then explained her proposition. Long story short, Kristina needed help, a friend suggested me, and I’m now helping to manage a Facebook page for a magazine, I get to make graphics all day, and my boss is someone I have looked up to for years.

If I had tried to find a job that got my creative juices flowing, I would have been laughed at. I’m not very qualified and I’m not even in college. But by being myself and letting people into my life, I was asked to do something that I love. It’s funny. I have never gotten a job that I applied for. And I’ve still never had an interview.

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It’s Working!

Or rather I am. I am so tired right now. This is the fifth day in a row that I have worked somewhere.

There is a corn maze just up the road from our house. Last year they sent an email to our homeschool group looking for teens to work there. I talked with the owners and we were all set, but because of the drought the maze wasn’t very good and they didn’t end up needing my help.

Saturday we were just sitting around talking and…  I don’t really know, doing our Saturday morning thing, when my friend’s mom (this is their second year working there) called saying they needed help at the maze. I jumped up, got out of my pajamas, and drove over there. The owner, Mrs. S asked how old I was and got excited that I was 19. “Can you drive an ATV?” Yeah, about 10 years ago I drove my great uncle’s for a few minutes, but I remember how and I’ve had my drivers license for 3 years, so sure, I can probably drive one.

Guess what I did for about 5 hours Saturday afternoon? I drove a four-wheeler pulling about 8 barrels-turned-train-cars. My thumb felt like it was going to fall off and I now have a fantastic sunburn on the backs of my hands. Once the sun went down and the train was put away, I worked in the concession stand for a few hours. I was surprised how many people came to do the maze in the dark.

Mrs. S asked me what time I could be back on Sunday, and basically, I have a job. I always knew this was how it would have to happen. All of my previous attempts had been fruitless.

It is so strange working this much. I’m hardly ever home anymore. I miss Josh and Hannah. I feel like they are growing up in my house as me, but I’m never home. I get up at 7 most days. Anyone who has seen me right after I wake up knows how big of a feat this is. I am not a morning person. By any stretch of the imagination. The sad thing I’ve found is that I can’t drink coffee in the morning. It makes me so jittery it ruins my day. My body is awake and my mind is not, or vice-versa. No bueno.

The only day I “have off” this week is Wednesday, and even then I volunteer at the library for a couple hours. Now, it would be logical to cut this out of my schedule. It isn’t an actual job, and it is my one and only day off. But I just can’t do that! I have thought about it, but only very briefly. I just love it too much. It’s quiet, relatively peaceful, and, basically, I get to be around books. Nope, library stays.

I know this isn’t my normal kind of post, but it’s what’s been on my mind. I am exhausted, but every day I am in such awe of how God has worked things together in a way that I never could.