What’s In A Name?

Names are beautiful things.

My name means Graceful Seamstress. For a long time I resisted this title. I’m finally figuring out how to move without running into walls and open doors, but I’m still not exactly what you would call graceful. And I can’t sew anything but a fairly straight line. But I learned to take it deeper. What is grace? Forgiveness. Do-overs. Looking for the best. What does a seamstress do? She creates clothes. What do clothes do? They cover you and can either make you feel beautiful or make you feel ugly. Words can do this too. So what does my name mean? I am a Gracious Creator. I make things that can either make you feel good or feel bad, but I am Gracious. I also see God’s Grace everywhere. Disney movies are my favorite parables. The forest is my favorite chapel. The night sky is my favorite quiet time.

Mom and Dad didn’t know any of this about me when they gave me my label. It’s not only a description of who I am, they didn’t know me yet, but also an endowment and foretelling of who I would be. It is also a reminder. When I don’t know what to do, I remember that I am a Storyteller, and that I need to create. Grace is a constant reminder that I am covered by grace, that I must give grace, and that I must look for Grace.whatsinaname

I have a friend whose name means Sea Princess. I absolutely love this. On the surface it reminds you of Ariel, but it goes so much deeper than that. What is a sea, other than a body of water? It is beautiful. It is also powerful and strong. Did you know that most of our oxygen comes from the ocean? So not only is the sea teeming with life, it also gives us land dwellers life. A Sea Princess isn’t just a little mermaid, it is a powerful ruler of life and beauty.

Sorry Shakespeare, but I think you’re wrong on that one. Names aren’t just labels for people, they are part of who we are. Part of the reason we are given names is so we can figure out what they mean. It’s like a puzzle of love and joy that you can never fully figure out.

Dig deep. What does your name mean? What does it remind you?