This Side

From this side of the keyboard, it’s pretty exciting. I know it may be tough to fathom from that side, but it’s true. I never know when I’m going to have a random stranger comment or a sudden spike in views.

Most of the time I get on after being away for the day and I find nothing has changed. I don’t have any views or comments. I’m still waiting for someone to link back to one of my posts. It’d be really cool if that happened some day, as long as it was for a good reason. You know, one of those hard hitting, knitty gritty deep posts that people go nuts over. Maybe one day.

Sometimes I come back and I’m greeted with a comment. This always gets me just a little bit ecstatic. That notification, in a sea of notifications, get’s me more excited than any of the others. A comment or message on Facebook, meh, probably not for me since the family shares a Facebook page. An email, probably just a promotional or a message from the library telling me I owe them money. But a comment on my blog? You pretty much just made my day.

Likes and follows are tricky. Most of the time they are just from random people I never hear from again. I’m never really even sure if they actually read my stuff or if they are just fishing. Most of the time it’s just fishing. And then every once in a while, there’s a follow that gets me excited.

There are a few things I’m trying to work on with my writing. I’m trying to step away from the “newsy” type posts and towards the topical posts. You may have noticed this if you have been reading for a while. It kind of just started developing at first. I would be writing, and then I would go off on a tangent. This kept happening. I would be telling you a story and I’d end up with a moral! What? This had always been more of a “letter to grandma” type blog, telling about what’s going on in the family. My blog has been slowly evolving from a friends and family newsletter to a collection of topical posts. It doesn’t really matter if you know me personally now. This may sound cold, but to me it’s a good thing.

I’ve been making mental notes on blogs I consider successful. One of my very favorites is Cynthia Jeub‘s blog. She has really inspired me to share more from my heart. I don’t need to hide who I really am, this is my territory. My domain 😉 . When I first started reading her blog I thought it would have more stories of life with 15 siblings and I was kind of disappointed when I found out it wasn’t. She actually doesn’t mention them all that often. But I like what I found instead much better. Cynthia is humble about her struggles.

One of the things I’ve realized in trying to improve my blog. My posts are way too long. If I am browsing a website and I see that an article is really long, I’m probably just going to skip it unless it looks really intriguing. So I’m working on that. I’m going to have to keep telling myself that it’s ok to be in-exhaustive on a subject. You can always come back later and go deeper. It’s better to be concise and still have their attention by the end of the post, than to fill them in on all the details and be boring.

I hope I never stop writing. It is my getaway. My escape. It let’s me create my own world, or see the real world in a different light.

So, there you have it. The view from the keyboard.