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Many Thanks Indeed

Taking a break from the Pythetikean Theorem and other geometrical nonsense, my mind turned toward my dear, oft-times abandoned blog.

Since this is the season of thanks, and I’m overdue for a post I thought I would share a challenge. It struck me strange that we tend to be thankful in November. Why is this? Why do we post the daily “Thankful For”s on Facebook only in November? It’s a bit drastic to suggest doing it every day of the year I suppose, especially when I’ve failed to do it everyday in the past 2 weeks. So let’s start small. For everyday over the Holidays let’s post a thing we’re thankful for. I’m not going to be posting everyday, so I don’t expect you to either, but let’s try this. So, without further adieu, backtracking to the beginning of the month, lasting ’til New Years Eve;

Annie’s Thankful For’s, Holiday  2012, part one:

  1. I am thankful for the joy of knowing Jesus Christ as my Saviour
  2. I am thankful for grace
  3. Joshua
  4. Hannah
  5. Adam
  6. Claire
  7. Meg
  8. Mom
  9. Daddy
  10. I am thankful for modern medicine, even for all it’s foibles, and kind doctors
  11. I am thankful for dear friends that I can talk about anything with
  12. I am thankful for late-blooming roses
  13. I am thankful for words and the creativity to manipulate them as we wish
  14. I am thankful for fall colors and walks in the woods with babies in Ergos
  15. I am thankful for animals that teach us lessons and bring us amusement and comfort