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Help Not Wanted

Or at least not my help it seems. Not even McDonalds will call me back. It’s a vicious cycle. They don’t want to hire you if you have no experience, but since no one will hire you you can’t get any experience. Wah. Pout. Stop whining, Annie. 😦 I’m hoping my time at the library will help.

Speaking of which! I’ve now gone to volunteer at the library 4 times= every full week in the month of May! Perhaps the new hasn’t worn off yet, but I am still loving the work! I feel like I have gotten faster at shelving, and have now done pretty much everything having to do with copious amounts of flyers and pamphlets. (That word looks so wrong. Way to many random consonants in a row.) I can make color copies and black & white copies, double-sided copies (I actually explained to the librarian why you feed the originals through the scanner the way you do, while she was teaching me! She basically said “Oh that’s why!”), fill the paper hopper on the copier, and use the giant paper guillotine (Terrifying and Tedious) to make the paper submit to your will.

Today I got asked twice about books! Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer either question. One was about popular YA books, which I know absolutely nothing about. The other was a little boy looking for the Star Wars comics. I liked him. Start ’em young I say. Although, I wouldn’t call Star Wars comics wonderful literature, you just gotta like a nerd in training. And, hey, he’s reading! Have you ever noticed how few boys read? Anyway, do you wonder why this made me so excited? I looked official. I looked like someone who would know something.

I have discovered I LOVE working in the children’s library! The little kids just learning to read, saying their ABCs, coloring a picture for Miss Sara. They are just beginning a wonderful journey! Beside the marvel of young life, that is where most of my favorite books are! I’ve never been much of one for Young Adult fiction. The best books are the super old books classified as  Juvenal Fiction. Swiss Family Robinson, Kidnapped, Anne of Green Gables and so many other classics are right in there with Captain Underpants! While this boggles my mind, I also think it is utterly awesome. By having the hard, but good books completely mixed in with the fun, shallow books you normalize the classics and make them available. I’ve actually only read a few books from the YA section (although more now that they categorized a bunch of classics). Most of the books I read are either in J or Adult.

Right now for book club I’m reading the diary of Anne Frank. A few years ago I was on a historical-fictional-diary kick and I read a bunch of the Dear America books. These are really cool because they work real history in, telling the story with only realistic journal entries. There are some that just say things like “had potatoes for lunch”. One thing that is so different about Anne Frank is that you don’t get much of a sense of what is going on with the war. In the American Girl books based in that era they have news of the war all the time. But if Anne did get much news, she doesn’t mention it much. She mainly focuses on life in the Secret Annex. For some reason I find this much more appealing. Maybe it drives home how real she was and how real life their situation was. I have to keep reminding myself that this all really happened. It is stunning how, well, all teen girls are the same. She wasn’t so different from girls today. She fought with her family and was moody at times. She had crushes and was fascinated by movie stars. The more I read the more I see every girl I’ve ever met. Maybe once I finish it I will have a different deduction, but I’m getting close and I’m not seeing my view changing. I’ll let you know when I get done. Unemployment

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Why I am Glad I Got Pulled Over

I got pulled over this evening, and I’m proud of it.

You read that right.

A little background first.

I’ve been pulled over at least three times since I got my license three years ago, but I’ve never had to pay a fine. I’ve only gotten one ticket, for giving the officer an expired insurance card, that they dismissed because I just gave him the old card. None of the three times have been for any traffic violations. The first two times it was because the front license plate wouldn’t stay on. Dad fixed it and we didn’t have any problems. This time was still not my fault, but was quite different.

Meg, Claire and I went up to Summit Fair to do some window shopping. We do this every once in a while, but it had been a long while since we went last. After exploring Charming Charlie and JCPenny (the new logo still throws me) we were on our way home. To get back to the car we had to pass SmallCakes. Cupcakes. Yum. We had to stop.

Meg got chocolate caramel pretzel, Claire got cookies and cream and I got peanut butter cup. Wow. Yum. Om nom nom. Personally I liked Meg’s best, I’m quite a fan of salted caramel.

After our de-lish cupcake snack we stopped at Quik Trip for water. I noticed a bunch of police cars driving in the same direction, but assumed it was just the equivalent of shift change, like I’ve seen many times in Hville. I pulled out and noticed there was a patrol car behind me. He didn’t have his lights on, so although I made sure to be extra careful, I thought nothing of it.

I was on my merry way. I had just gotten on the highway towards home. He was still behind me. And there were the lights. Awesome.

I knew I hadn’t done anything, so I assumed there must be a light out or something. I pulled over and turned on the inside lights and we all kept our hand visible. It was the little lights above the license plates. Go figure. But there was something else I didn’t expect. A dark green sedan was creepin’ the neighborhood the QT was in about an hour and a half ago, and we were driving a dark green sedan. Cool. I explained that we were shopping and eating cupcakes at that time. He took my license and Megs permit back to his car and– did whatever it is they do. He came back and let us go, they were looking for a male.

Why was I glad to get pulled over? Because the police were doing their job. Looking for bad guys.