Poet Among Other Things

Of Sunrise and Fireflies


I sit on the stoop
Cradling a warm cup in my cold fingersSunriseedit
Its warmth makes them tingle
A single star pierces the eastern horizon
It hangs in the lightening sky
Defiant of the quickly rising sun
The sky turns princess colored
Clouds of periwinkle and pink
As the world greets the Prince of Day
It sheds its cloak of gray
And dons a robe of gold
The clouds that fell asleep
And drifted to blanket the earth
Turn golden as they awaken
And rise back to the air
Soon the star winks out
No longer able to compete
The color overpowers it
The evening songbirds bid sweet dreams
As the morning birds greet the light
And for a brief and shining moment
Both day and night
Singing at once
Shining at once
At perfect peace and unity
The star passing vigil to the sun
And I sit
For a moment under both watchful eyes
And I sip the warmth from my cup
A creature of both night and day 


In the cool air of a summer ‘eve
I laid in the grass beneath a low branch
And hardly dared take breath
And as the sun hid all her light
I heard the Queen of the Fireflies speak
Come now, my sisters
Let us dance among the pines
Let us twinkle like starlight
And frolic through the oaks
We will speak to the stars
Sending sparkling messages
Flitting between eager hands
As they try to catch our light
We shall tease them with our beauty
And dance just out of reach
Great fun it is, this game of tag
But careful lest the Gigglers win
And end our game for good
For though they mean well
Captivity is none too kind
To our small and meager glow
So dance away my sister lights
And tease, but do not touch”
So off they flew to begin their game
As the Gigglers came outdoors
With peals of laughter and screams of delight
They ran with small hearts pounding
The chase began
Like none before
A chase worthy of legend
Both Gigglers and Fire
Knowing their parts so well
The one would fly just out of reach
The other with hands outstretched
The green ones lingering just long enough
The hands closing shut with a clap
But fingers pull back
To give joyed eyes a peek
And let wings carry little lights free
Like floating stars in this moonlit air
Like freshborn nymphs on the dew dropped grass
Dance and laugh intertwined
On this joyous and glorious evening
Actions in Activities

How A 3 Year Old Can Control a 19 Year Old

When I was 3 years old I went to the doctor’s for a checkup. Just a routine visit. I remember walking into the brick building with my mom. She was a lot taller than me 16 years ago. Then I remember sitting on the exam table crying. There was blood everywhere and my arm hurt. I felt violated. They did that to me, without warning.

Since, well, Christmas really, I have been just a bit off. It got worse at the beginning of this month. I had the flu, and then it never really went away, and I’m still very fatigued. We took me to the doctor last week. The night before I got about 3-4 hours of sleep because I was so nervous. When they drew blood everyone seemed to think I was about to be sick. 

Last Thursday I went to the ER.  The pain was so bad at first that I started to black out. I couldn’t talk, but I could think. Lungs, not heart. Loud ringing in my ears. Cold lips. Sweating, gray skin. Shards of glass, being ground into my lungs with each movement. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I had no control over what was going on. They got me hooked up to the monitors, drew blood and took some x-rays. Everything was normal. They decided it was pleurisy, gave me some more meds for the pain (that was all but gone at this point), and sent me home. The only time tears threatened to roll down my face was when they put in my IV, later injected the meds, and when they took it out before I left.

That one afternoon when I was 3 years old has changed my life. Not only do I have a hard time trusting doctors and nurses now, this memory from my early childhood  has changed my future. A while back I realized that I would make a great EMT. But then I realized that I would have to let other students learn on my arm. Maybe someday I will be able to do that.

I’ve often heard parents talk about kids being so young they won’t remember things. I’d like to tell you, this is bull crap. I know most people don’t remember things that happen when they were 3, but I do. I also remember singing How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria with my grandmother when I was about 6. I remember the last time I went to the doctors office without anxiety. The funny thing about memory is, you don’t know what is going to stick and what isn’t.