Poet Among Other Things, Short

Brightness Doesn’t Fear The Night

You’re still the little girl inside
With eyes so full of wonder
You see things no one else can see
They scare you when you tell them
But stand up and be brave
Don’t let your light go out
The brightest starA Dying Star Shrouded by a Blanket of Hailstones Forms the Bug Nebula (NGC 6302)Goes through the most darkness
You’re that crying little girl inside
Feeling everything so strongly
The pain, and sorrow, and hurt
The evil in all the world
To acknowledge it would kill you
But there it sits
So you ignore them all
Not only the world’s pain
You ignore the world’s Joy
But, little girl, feel them
They overwhelm the heart of one
Especially one like yours
But share that burden with Me
I love your precious heart, little girl
I can see the strength you can’t
For, little girl, you are brave
The world to you is Beautiful
You are free to feel it, little girl
Don’t fear who you were made to be
Take the Joy of the world
Don’t throw it out with the pain
Find My other little girls and boys
Show them who they are inside
Remind them of when they still saw Me
When the world glittered
When the world loved
Because, little girl, you see wonderful
And you can see it in their eyes
Use your light to brighten
Make the twinkle shine
You are Beautiful, Brave and Bright

Do not fear who you could be
Do not hide from the world’s pain
For you can see the Beautiful within

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