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A Bubbling Brook

After my post A Boring Character went live I had several people telling me I was wrong about myself. I didn’t really see this until just a few weeks ago. How could I be anything but boring? Nothing has happened to me. I’ve had a fairly comfortable life.

Recently, I started writing a short story. This is new for me, but I like stories, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. I started thinking about character development. In a story, a good character is a bubbling brook. It isn’t still and stagnant. Instead, new things boil up.   The current of life brings new aspects you never saw before. You watch it for a while, and you know it is going somewhere. You can tell where it came from by what gets swept along in it. It doesn’t rush, that would blow your feet out from under you. It just gently bubbles and dances along.


After taking some time to objectively analyze myself as a character, I realized that they were right. Even in a story, I wouldn’t be a be a boring character. I am a very different person than the girl that wrote that post. I have changed more this month than I think I have ever changed in my lifetime. I was apathetic  to most of the world. Sure, there were problems, but I couldn’t do anything about them. Nothing special. Nothing much. Not much of a way to live life. I am now so filled with joy and hope for the world that my former self wouldn’t be able to stand me. I recognize and embrace the poetry that pulses through my veins, instead of ignoring it.

A Boring Character isn’t the only post I disagree with. There are actually many of them I plan to revisit. My world is a lot bigger now. My view of my own value is a lot bigger now. My God is a lot bigger now.

But that’s part of life. We change. It’s not instability, it’s growth. If we don’t change, we grow stagnant and start to stink. How are you bubbling?

3 thoughts on “A Bubbling Brook”

  1. Annie, your comments are sooo random! 🙂 I see all this feedback for video game stuff, do you see it, too?
    Love the post! And I agree with myself from earlier…you are SO not a boring character. 😉
    Love you!


    1. Yeeep… Just now saw this. I’m not sure why, but I’m getting zero notifications and my spam blocker is doing squat.


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