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For Passion

I love seeing people talk about things they love. The fire behind their eyes, the intonation of their voice, the excited gestures. It’s beautiful.

Last week I went to a conference in Colorado called For Action. It was a conference with a purpose of preparing my generation, the millennials, to go and, basically, take over the world. And I have got to say, it was amazing. The things talked about were as different as the fantastic speakers themselves, but what they all had in common was passion. They love what they do, and you can tell when they speak about it. DSCF1115

Not only did our speakers do things they love, they gave us tools and helped us find our passions and pursue them. For some that was writing, or politics, maybe computer programing, there were several of us interested in activism of one kind or another.

Now, if you’ve known me for a while, you may know that I used to be part of The Rebelution. I read and still own the books, I went to the Do Hard Things conference twice, I was active on the forum and never missed a blog post. I was even working on a “hard thing” type project.

I’m going to be honest with you. When one of the speakers asked if anyone had read Do Hard Things, I hesitated to raise my hand. I was embarrassed. See, I don’t agree with much of what The Rebelution teaches. Not anymore.

The difference between For Action and The Rebelution doesn’t look too big from the outside. Both are trying to enable young people to be leaders and do amazing things. The thing is, The Rebelution told stories of other teens who have done these things, but didn’t talk about finding your passion or gifts. They were unwittingly pushing a one-size-fits-all ideology.

At For Action we met and actually got to talk to people of many ages who are passionate. They don’t necessarily do things that would be considered “Hard Things”, although many do. They do things that will last. A small burst of radical differentness isn’t going to change the world, a life of passionate, infectious differentness will.

So, what do I want to do with my life? I want to be infectiously passionate.

11 thoughts on “For Passion”

  1. Wow. This is really good, sis. I had been wanting to hear about the differences between For Action and Do Hard Things. DHT has often left me with a bad taste in my mouth, I left that conference feeling guilty for not being cool enough, not being “christian enough”. But with For Action everything I’ve heard and seen seemed positive. 🙂


  2. Wow, Annie, this is quite a complement! I know the Harris family personally and think quite highly of them, but the funny thing is, I never attended their conferences. It’s nice to hear the differences between our routines. If FOR ACTION could grow to the same amount of influence as the DO HARD THINGS conferences, we’d really be something! =)


    1. Chris, that is would be amazing. If we could keep the individual events small and personal, but still a big deal, that would be optimal in my mind. Thank you for the comment!


  3. 🙂 So many long-time grown ups need that same message, Annie-m-love! People need to be asked the question… What are you going to do with this beautiful, amazing, powerful, wonderful life-in-union with the Creator of the Universe that we’ve been given? What joy to even consider, let alone pursue! 🙂


    1. Thank you! It’s good to hear that my writing conveys to different groups. That’s always something I’m afraid of. 🙂 I have a post in the works (that may or may not ever be done, lol we’ll see) about the often ignored benefits of enjoying things and having fun. That’s something I think Christians tend to eschew.


  4. Just looking at the speaker list, I’d like to see more women in the “patriarchs” section. 🙂 We ladies make up more than half of the Kingdom, I’d like to see a lot more conferences reflect at least an equal representation in those who are handed the microphone. 🙂 It helps girls grow up believing they have a voice when they see that sort of even-handedness in the Church. 🙂


    1. LA, I would too. That was something I noticed right away. Hopefully, we can change that. 😉 This *was* the first conference after all. They did a great job of not making things “guy work” and “girl work” though. 🙂


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