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Yes, I’m going to get sappy on Mother’s Day. I’m sorry Mom. Thank you for all you do for us, even when we drive you nuts. You give us the benefit of the doubt when no one else does. Thank you for talking to us when we don’t want to hear it. You really are right pretty much every time. You are the voice of reason.


You underestimate yourself. You expect that we will do great at everything we do, but then you don’t realize we got everything from you and Dad. Thank you for seeing the best in everyone, but not sugar coating it. Thank you for trying to be fair, while still explaining that life isn’t fair and that’s not what we really want.


Thank you for introducing us to a wide variety of music. You have taught us to love everything from bluegrass to big band to Bach (and for teaching the usefulness of alliterations).   You are the reason we listen to Nat King Cole, Mozart  Elvis, Lil’ Richard, Mendelsohn, Frank Sinatra, The Piano Guys, Chuck Berry and Billy Joel all in one day. Even if you don’t personally like all of those, you broadened our horizons.


Thank you for exposing us to art. You have given us the chance to see beautiful things. Thank you for teaching us how to make art in our own ways. Whether by teaching us yourself, like with our writing, or by having us take lessons. Thank you for encouraging me in my music and for teaching me everything I know about playing piano.


Thank you for not just schooling us, but educating us. You have taught us how to learn. Thank you for recognizing that some things we will have to learn on our own and at our own time. Thank you for teaching us to teach ourselves and nurturing a desire to learn.


Thank you for putting up with me and pointing out when I’m being unreasonable. Thank you for yelling at me and getting upset, but then apologizing. You’ve showed me that you are not perfect, but you point me to the one who is. Thank you for admitting when you are wrong, even though you don’t get much practice at it.



Thank you for passing on a love of reading and encouraging us to read the good books. You have allowed us to read books just for fun, but also gotten us hooked on classics, even ones you haven’t read. THank you for instilling a love of language.

I know you don’t think you are doing a good job, but that is one of the few things you are wrong about. I really can’t think of anything you could do better.

DSCF9664 I love you Mamacita (or Short Boss).

1 thought on “Smile”

  1. Umm…wow. I’m…speechless. I know this will post as coming from Kittysperson, but I don’t know how to switch, LOL. I love you so much. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. It is a treasure. Truly. My family is my joy, and there is nothing in the world that I want to do well at, than loving you all. (Awkward wording…but, the best I can do while I’m blubbering.) 😉 –Mamacita


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