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Winter Storm Q

Awesome name. Awesome storm.

I was really itching for a nice big dumping of snow. We didn’t get one last year and it wasn’t looking like we’d get one this year either. Even Phil  said winter was over. Not so much.

At 6 o’clock yesterday morning it started snowing, and not just snowing. Thunder snow. It did not stop snowing until around 12:30. I got up to find Dad working on the couch in Claire’s nook.  It was really dark, so I thought it must have still been early. Wrong. It was 9. The window well was full to the point that no light came through the thin curtain. Yay.

Not even done snowing yet.

I only heard one thunderclap, but it was the neatest thing. The snow was coming down hard all morning. Everyone else went out to play while it was still coming down, I’m still not over the flu so I stayed inside watching “Say Yes To The Dress” on Netflix.

Once the white stuff stopped falling I went out with Adam and we romped around for a while. We started building a fort, but soon found out it’s not very good packing snow. Of course, when the snow is over a foot deep it doesn’t really have to pack much to make a sweet fort.

Adam and I walked around to the back of the house and he showed me the solarium and where they made “A nice house.” My cleaver brother. 😉 We discovered that it is really fun to fall in deep snow.

Hannah came out to get a bowl of snow so Mom could make snow cream. She brought the snow in for Mom and came back out to play.  We worked on the fort some more, using Hannah’s snow shovel to pack and smooth the snow.

We went inside after getting the mail. The snow started to come down again as we ate pinto beans and watched Star Trek, one with Q of course.  It really is a perfect name for the storm. On Star Trek, Q is a mischievous godlike character with the ability to just snap his fingers and make things and people disappear, reappear, and move through time and space. Fun huh? Q treats humanoids, and all other races else really, like pawns. Just game pieces to do with as he pleases. He wreaks havoc and sends Captain Picard and the rest of the crew all throughout the galaxy just because he wants to.

How fitting.

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