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Extending the Holiday.

This year I got ready for my annual Valentine’s how-to post. I made my craft and took the pictures nearly a month ahead of time. I was all set to post just a few days before the big day, but things kept happening and we were really busy. It didn’t help that the library had finally gotten my book it (I’ll tell you about that later). It’s ok, I told myself, I’ll just post it on Valentines Day.


My procrastination caught up with me.

That night I developed a fever. Awesome. When I got up that morning, I didn’t get up. I just barely woke up when Dad came in to say goodbye and left us our chocolate hearts. Basically I was sicker than I’ve been since I had strep and viral arthritis at the same time. I couldn’t sit up or think straight. I laid in bed and read for about 4-5 hours because I couldn’t sleep. I went from being at page 156 to 364 and then finished that last few pages after dinner. I didn’t get the post written.

So I’m extending Valentine’s Day! YAY! What’s not to love?



A few weeks ago I got a jar of Mod Podge and started gluing paper to everything. If you feel like judging me, you obviously have never had a huge stash of paper and a large jar of Mod Podge at your disposal. Don’t judge me.

Perhaps you aren’t familiar with clothes pin tag. This isn’t hard, it’s similar to The Game (Which you just lost). The point is to clip a clothes pin on your friends without them realizing they’ve been tagged.DSCF7924

For our homeschool groups Valentine’s party I made special clothes pin tag pins.


For this craft you will need:

Mod Podge (I got my huge jar for $8 at walmart and I’ve not even made a dent in it after going decoupage crazy)

A paint brush or sponge brush

An ink pad (I used black)

Tiny alphabet stamps (acrylic stamps would be great, but I couldn’t find the right letters in the right size so I used rubber)

Various and sundry paper and fabric (best if paper is thin, not cardstock*)

Clothes pins


1. Paint a coat of Mod Podge on the long handle part of the clothes pin. Make sure not to glue down the hinge.



2. Put a small piece of paper on the glue.


3. Paint glue over the paper.





4. Continue until the handle is covered.



5. Stamp the clip part with “TAG”.



6. Dab the clip with Mod Podge. Be SUPER careful to go straight up. If you stroke it will smear the ink (at least it did for me, I think my ink is water based so that might have been it).



7. Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side of the handle.



8. Let the pin dry, I put waxed paper under mine to keep them from sticking. I let mine sit for a few hours, but they probably would have been fine sooner.

I had intended to clip these to a card with these instructions but I ran out of time. Feel free to use the instruction picture below (please remember though, the pictures on this blog are mine, not yours).





Store your ink pads upside down to keep the ink at the top of the pad when you go to stamp.

*I used cardstock on the pin in this post. To make it thin enough I had to kind of peel it in two flat-ways. It’s hard to describe, but you might know what I mean. Like when you tear cardstock it will have a white edge where you tore it and the piece you tore off will be thinner. Use that part. But don’t. Please, for your sanity and mine, just use plain paper.

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!

We love because He first loved us


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