Musings, Short

Why I am Glad I Got Pulled Over

I got pulled over this evening, and I’m proud of it.

You read that right.

A little background first.

I’ve been pulled over at least three times since I got my license three years ago, but I’ve never had to pay a fine. I’ve only gotten one ticket, for giving the officer an expired insurance card, that they dismissed because I just gave him the old card. None of the three times have been for any traffic violations. The first two times it was because the front license plate wouldn’t stay on. Dad fixed it and we didn’t have any problems. This time was still not my fault, but was quite different.

Meg, Claire and I went up to Summit Fair to do some window shopping. We do this every once in a while, but it had been a long while since we went last. After exploring Charming Charlie and JCPenny (the new logo still throws me) we were on our way home. To get back to the car we had to pass SmallCakes. Cupcakes. Yum. We had to stop.

Meg got chocolate caramel pretzel, Claire got cookies and cream and I got peanut butter cup. Wow. Yum. Om nom nom. Personally I liked Meg’s best, I’m quite a fan of salted caramel.

After our de-lish cupcake snack we stopped at Quik Trip for water. I noticed a bunch of police cars driving in the same direction, but assumed it was just the equivalent of shift change, like I’ve seen many times in Hville. I pulled out and noticed there was a patrol car behind me. He didn’t have his lights on, so although I made sure to be extra careful, I thought nothing of it.

I was on my merry way. I had just gotten on the highway towards home. He was still behind me. And there were the lights. Awesome.

I knew I hadn’t done anything, so I assumed there must be a light out or something. I pulled over and turned on the inside lights and we all kept our hand visible. It was the little lights above the license plates. Go figure. But there was something else I didn’t expect. A dark green sedan was creepin’ the neighborhood the QT was in about an hour and a half ago, and we were driving a dark green sedan. Cool. I explained that we were shopping and eating cupcakes at that time. He took my license and Megs permit back to his car and– did whatever it is they do. He came back and let us go, they were looking for a male.

Why was I glad to get pulled over? Because the police were doing their job. Looking for bad guys.

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