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Last Thursday Claire had to go to Petsmart for filters for her fish tank. While we were there she got another gold-fish. After we were done at Petsmart we went to Starbucks. Seriously, if you ever want to get me a gift, a Starbucks gift card is always going t o be a winner (Thank you ever so muchly Aunt D!).

When we got there, there was this guy sitting at a table talking to someone about politics quite animatedly so it was not hard at all to hear him. All I heard at first was “…really, either way, I was going to be voting Republican…” but after we ordered and sat down to wait a while I could hear more of the seemingly one-sided conversation. I think it was just that the one guy was louder, but I can’t really remember a thing the other guy said. They started talking about guns and gun control. I was thinking “oh great, here we go.” I figured that since we were in Starbucks, a notoriously liberal store, he would be of the “more control” mindset. It didn’t seem so. I was shocked, but he seemed to be fairly Conservative, at least on that point.

While I was trying to listen (ok, I admit it, I was trying, I was more than a bit intrigued) Claire was telling me that they were accepting applications for Baristas. At fist I didn’t really hear her, but then realized what she was saying. It didn’t say anything about requirements. I figured you had to be graduated, but I was still excited. While we were there they were training a new guy how to make my drink. Evidently 😉 the Caramel Macchiato is not one of the most common drinks.

When we got home I sent in an application and started researching about the interview (Hoping and praying they call me for one). Since I’ve never had a job before I was really curious what the interview questions would be like. I”m really glad I did the research! I wouldn’t have been ready otherwise and probably would have just not said much. I’m pretty sure that if they’d just give me an interview I’d have the job. I love coffee and I really think I could do the work.  I haven’t heard anything back from them yet, but I plan to go in person soon to let them know I’m very interested. 🙂

Kind of a short post, but here’s a video for you. 🙂 Enjoy. It reminds me of myself in the morning. Mary’s cup is IDENTICAL to Claire’s!

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