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200th Post!

Happy 200th post everyone!

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally made it! <Fanfare> <Confetti>

For this special occasion, I shall tell you a little story.

One day a little boy and a little girl asked their big sister to play hide and seek with them. They played hide and seek for a little while, and then decided to go look at the pond and do some “rock chucking”. They got to the pond and saw that it was completely empty. [pic of empty pond] The little boy realized he could walk straight across

The little girl started screaming while the little boy tried to get out of the mud. The big sister tossed them some big sticks and branches to try to give them something solid to pull up on to. Once the little boy got out he commented that the mud felt like pudding, tossed his shoes and gloves out and started working on getting the little girl out. They got one of her legs out, but couldn’t get the rest of her.

The big sister went back to the house to get a piece of rope to try to pull them out that way. Once she got to the house and got the rope she decided to check the garage for some wood pieces. She found an old bike ramp and brought it out to the pond. Once she got there she tried to push the ramp out towards the middle. This didn’t work so she tied the rope to the legs of the ramp (it wasn’t a very well built ramp, being just a piece of plywood with two legs screwed onto the bottom), and tossed the rope out to the little boy, who pulled the ramp out to the middle of the pond and climbed on. He tried to pull the little girl out from here, but still couldn’t get her. The big sister crawled out to the pseudo mud raft and, after taking her coat off, pulled the little girl out of the mud. By keeping her foot turned up, the little girl even managed to keep her other shoe on, although it was completely covered in mud and more worthy of the dumpster than the shoe bin. The little girl made her way up to the edge of the pond while the boy and their sister got the raft and shoes.

Just as everything got extracted from the pond, their mom drove up the long driveway, and arrived at the house just as the little girl did. The mom took her in the house and started getting the little girl cleaned up. on the walk up to the house the big sister had been thinking that everyone would be in a total tizzy because of the state of mud. By the time the sister and little boy got up to the house there was an attitude of chaos reigning, and the slightly younger sister was freaking out. She yelled at the big sister inquiring why the little girl was covered in mud and what had happened. She started explaining what happened and went inside. Upon arrival in the house she had to start over with her mom, but forgot a detail that seemed unimportant to her, but was key to her moms assessment of the afternoon. Even after hearing the complete story of the amazing teamwork that had happened while she was gone, the mom still was in a state of anxiety. She explained that if the little girl had sunk much further into the mud that she could have suffocated. This thought hadn’t occurred to the sister, but she explained that the boy had gotten the little girls leg out and only one of her legs was in the mud. After sharing this detail everyone relaxed and could focus on the great teamwork.

True story.

For this momentous occasion, I have another gift for you.


The crackled clouds move over the full moon

Like the surf drawing the sand out to sea

Creating the illusion of a hasty journey

Across the sinking ceiling of the heavens


The air is crisp and smelling of snow

Of a soft gentle whispering blanket

The voices of miles whisper to the listening ear

Carried on some unfelt breeze from afar


The clouds blown away by the unfelt wind

Expose the radiance of the clear full moon

Casting her beams like waves on the dunes

Moon shadows dance through the trees on silent wistful Elven toes

And the world sleeps

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