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Of School, Work and Play

Whew! We have been so super busy! I have started  working on GED classes online and that has taken up a lot of my time on the computer, so that is why I have neglected you! 😦 I’m sorry!

As I mentioned before, I have started online classes studying for the GED. Before I could start this I had to take a placement test, which I did a few weeks ago. In fact, while I’m writing this I’m taking a break from a lovely bout of fractions. Hopefully I will finish with the fractions tomorrow. It’s not so much that I’m really bad at them as that I just really don’t like them. Ah, well. Once I get done with fractions, I have decimals and then on to the fun stuff. I actually kind of like geometry and stuff, but I really can’t stand arithmetic. After I’m done with all the math junk, I get to do English and science, my very favorite subjects!  I already did one of the lessons on poetry. I didn’t think I’d really learn anything, but I did learn what the full definition of “poetic license” is (specifically, not having to use the regular rules of grammar and English). In learning this I came up with a title for myself.

We’ve started speech and debate again. I still love it. I still get a horrible knot in my stomach every time I have to give a speech, but I still love it. I really can’t wait for the tournaments to start! Yesterday the teacher finally started talking about debate!  It gets me so excited! I totally geek out about probably three things; a favorite word, birth, and debate. Three seemingly unrelated things that somehow make me absolutely giddy.

As well as the nannying/babysitting job we just started, I’m about to start working a corn maze. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not sure yet what I will be doing. Some of the thing mentioned were manning big zip-line, the petting zoo, and driving the barrel train tractor. I can’t wait to start!

I went to the first Bible quiz a few weeks ago. It was really weird to be score keeping instead of quizzing, but it was really fun. What was even weirder was knowing pretty much everybody’s name, but no one knowing me. I guess that is because I was never a good quizzer, so I just kinda blended in. After the quiz was a pizza party. It was nice to get to see some of my friends I hadn’t seen since the last quiz event. One such friend drove me home because the party was quite over and mom was still about half an hour away. Once we got back we picked some apples and pears for them to take home. Then we went over to see the lack of pond on the way to the cow. Adam, who had been walking with us, ran out ahead to the pond and started throwing rocks in. When we caught up with him he told us to try “rock chucking” with him. We tried and found out that with how low the pond is, pretty much just a mud puddle, it jiggles really nicely. So, we chucked rocks for a while, then went over to see the cow and met Dad and Dory’s dad. We looked at the cow for a little bit, but then brought the dads to the pond to try the rock chucking. They could throw much bigger rocks so the mud jiggled even more. I could tell they were enjoying it, we stayed out in the pond, because it is so low, for quite some time. We were out there so long in fact, that Dory’s mom called to ask if they snuck out the camping gear. We chucked a few more rocks then sent them home. All in all, a good day. 🙂

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