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Produce Part 2: Apples and Grapes

A couple weeks ago my friends that I went to the auction with came out to our house to pick apples and grapes. It was amazing how fast we got one tree done with 9 people! I had no idea how many apples were on one tree. After we cleaned off about two trees we started working on the grapes. A lot of them were shriveled up like raisins, but some were still plump.

Once we had picked all we dared, we went in and started processing. We used the juicier our friends brought and juiced grapes. It was really funny to listen to the shrieks and giggles as the juicer spewed seeds all over the place while BMW and I sat in the living room taking care of the babies and watching Phineas and Ferb. They juiced until about 11 o’clock, when everyone decided it was time for bed.

The next morning we finished up the grapes and by the time the MWs got here we were ready to start on the apples. by the end of the day we had apple juice, canned apple pie filling, and just plain apple slices!  A few days later, Meg and Claire made apple cake. It was awesome! Meg’s was like cookie topped pudding and Claire’s was like banana bread, except with apples. Both were delicious and wonderful for breakfast the next day.

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