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Produce Part 1:Tomatoes

Hello folkses!

Sorry I haven’t written much, I wasn’t very sure of what to write about, but our last few days activities have inspired me!

A few weeks ago a friend invited me to go with her a produce auction. I had NO clue what to expect, I had never been to an auction, let alone a produce auction. Oh well, I went anyway. This is one of my best friends and it would get me out of cleaning the house for the lady from the homeschool group who was coming that evening.  

The night before when I was getting ready I thought about bringing a sweater because it had been surprisingly cold. We headed out in their awesome, huge truck. We went into town and got on the highway. It was a twistier, turnier road than I had ever thought was around here. o.O Once we got there it was neat to see all the buggies. It reminded me of when we lived in Kentucky.  I was talking about it later with mom trying to figure if they were Amish or Old Order Mennonite. I’m still not sure, it’s so had to tell. There was a little girl holding her daddies hand, I told mom “It would have made a great picture, but I wouldn’t want to, you know, steal their souls or anything.” She got a big kick out of that, but you might not get it.

Anyway, we got to the auction and got out of the truck, then walked to the pole barn/pavilion thing where they had everything set up. We walked around and waited for the auction to start. There were a lot of smells. Pungent produce and even people.

The auction started and quickly got boring. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, I might have caught on if the speaker hadn’t been so loud. It’s really amazing that people can talk that fast (I think Claire could do it). BMW and I went back to the truck to play cards. Once we exhausted the supply games we knew (I won one :P) we went back to the pavilion. After a while we started loading tomatoes, and boy, were there tomatoes. I lost count of how many boxes there were, but it was somewhere around 20 of those 25lb boxes. There were onions and melons too, but nothing in mass like the tomatoes.

We went back to the house and began canning. I hadn’t ever processed tomatoes, let alone canned them! I learned quickly, to process tomatoes. I’m still not sure how to can, but we skinned and cut tomatoes until my eyes were truly crossing (I’m not exaggerating! I would look up and not be able to see right!). I believe the count I heard last was 40 quarts of tomatoes. I would certainly believe it. I’m pretty sure my hands have never been wrinkly for as long as they were that afternoon.

I’m sure there’s a good lesson in there somewhere. Perhaps not to try to get out of work, it will just get you more work. Or maybe, beware the unknown. All I know is my previous dislike for tomatoes was greatly reinforced.

After we got done for the day I got sent home with some tomatoes, onions, squash and watermelon sized cantaloupe (and not just a small watermelon, a large one). Since we don’t really eat tomatoes much I didn’t take many, and they sat in the box for a few days. But then I thought of something to do with them! Salsa! I hadn’t ever made it before so I looked up some recipes. We didn’t have all the things for any of them, so I decided to just wing it. My first attempt was ok, after some tweaking. We decided to leave out the onion and try again. This time it was muy delicioso! :9  The only problem was the overpowering “raw” smell, next time I think we will roast the tomatoes and jalapeno.

1 1/2 cups tomatoes, peeled, cored and as much water squeezed out as possible

1 capped jalapeno

1T lemon juice

approx 1-2 t garlic salt

Mix everything in food processor. (try either oven roasting or just cooking on stovetop)

Annie out.

1 thought on “Produce Part 1:Tomatoes”

  1. Good for you! Haha, I laughed outloud when I read your previous dislike of tomatoes was greatly reinforced! I sympathize. I am so sick of tomatoes 😛 Our garden produced just tons and tons of tomatoes this year – which is a blessing, but has kept us sooo busy! We’ve finally started school (well, mostly Noah…I’m working on the things I need to do before graduated this spring/end of school) yesterday, because we’d been canning until then 😀
    So, what are you getting??? Your comment on my blog has now left me in extreme curiosity!!


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