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My Last Birthday Cards

At the camp we go to the counselors send birthday cards to their girls. I’ve always been jealous of girls whose birthdays are further away from camp. For example, Claire’s birthday is May 26th, just a few weeks before camp so she gets a card from her counselor from last year. Their  birthdays are far enough away that they are actually closer.  But my birthday is barely a month after. That means there are 11 months ’til camp next year.

I just received my birthday cards a few days ago. My last birthday cards. Great. Now I miss camp even more! My counselors were wonderful. They were just what I needed this year. It’s really amazing how God puts us with just the right people. The first week I had a counselor who was so sweet and encouraging, but still challenged me to excel. We had a lot of things in common too. My counselor the second week said that she felt we (the CILT IIs and other senior campers) needed a soft  nest to land in. She was our mama bird.

Next year I will be the one writing cards. I have had such amazing counselors. I just hope I’m a fraction as good someday.

Exactly one week from today I will turn 18. Daddy’s going to take me to register to vote and we’re going to a Thai restaurant.  I know I’m still practically a baby, but I feel so old. 

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