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So Much Time, So Little to do.

Strike that, reverse it. Or not. I guess I have just the right amount of time, I’m just a little freaked out!  •.O

First, recap.

The poetry contest went fine. I hid behind my hair and probably mumbled. Oh well. At the reception, one of the judges came up to me and told me she liked my poem and that I should turn it into a song. 🙂 That kinda made my night, as it really is more like a lyric than just a poem.

Our “Great Mid-South Tour”, as we ended up calling it was wonderful! There were bumps (and a few bad days), but all in all, it really was a “Great Mid-South Tour”! We got to visit friends we hadn’t seen in years, and relatives who hadn’t met Hannah or Josh!

Now, new business.

I GOT PUBLISHED!!!! EEEEEEP!!! Sorry. I’m still super excited.

My debate teacher is a writer and editor for KCParent Magazine. They have started a teen blog on their website. Long story short, I entered an article and they liked it! I’m now a teen blogger for! I’m so super excited! I’m working on my next post now. 🙂

Camp is coming up SO fast! And the closer it gets the more I freak out! I need  one of those “Keep Calm and Carry On” memes that says “Keep Calm and Work On Your CILT”. lol It has been really fun, and I’ve grown a ton, and now we’re nearing the beginning of the end. But, then at the end of the end, there’s an awful ceremony! I hate ceremonies!  Ha. There. That was easy! lol (google “Keep Calm and Carry On generator”)

I’m done with the Bible Study, so all I can do until camp is work on my resource file. I have all the games I need, all the songs are in a file that I need to get from a friend, so now I need to put together some cabin time and lesson plans I guess.

Well, we have church tomorrow, so I will get off and go to bed I suppose. 🙂

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