Really and Truly?

Talk about “Shock and Awe”!

First, Shock.

“The library called…”

Oh great! What’ve I done now?

“…about the poetry contest.”

“They chose your poem as a representative for our branch.”

*blink* Say what?

Wonder which one they picked.

And that’s pretty much how I found out. I entered about 3 poems in the county wide teen poetry contest a few weeks ago (Which you can read on here if you dig ūüėČ )

Saturday they called mom and told her they had chosen one of my poems as a¬†representative! Yesterday I got an email from them with a copy of the “official letter”, telling me the details and which poem and everything. Turns out, they picked “The Wanderer“! I am really thrilled! Also turns out that I have to¬†recite (is it still a¬†recitation if you read it?)¬† it at the competition. ¬†Joy. Yet another reason I am SOOO thankful for (and really miss) speech and debate! I’m so nervous, I hate to think of how bad I’d be freaking out if I¬†hadn’t taken it! I’m pretty sure my butterflies have butterflies… If you think to, could you pray for me? I got the real “official letter” today with the scoring rubric. Thankfully presentation is the smallest part of your score (but still quite a bit). I’m going to try to memorize my poem, but I’m going to also have paper because I am SURE I will forget part of it or screw up in some other way. The I have to be at the contest by6 Friday, it actually starts at 6:30. Seriously, please pray for me, I might barf.

And now, Awe.

Claire and I had a babysitting job this evening. Why is that “Awe”, you ask?

Imagine you are a security guard by profession. You’re just kind of an average Jo/e. One day, you get offered a job at Fort Knox. Wow, a security guard’s dream!

What does that have to do with watching someone’s kid?

Imagine she is a princess. The king and queen only want the best, most trusted servants to take care of her.

Put the two together… and you get a mixed¬†metaphor,¬†but seriously! Parents consider their children as treasures and princesses! They aren’t just going to pick up someone off the street to guard their heirs! A man’s home is his castle they say, so shouldn’t it’s¬†residents¬†also be royal?

So that means, when someone hires a babysitter, they are trusting someone as a treasure keeper and a guard for their  princess.


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