I’m a Dandelion

This evening I took everyone to the park and we walked the nature trail, thus, I am now paranoid about ticks. Hmm :. Anyway.

After we got back home we watched Toy Story. I remember watching it when I was Hannah’s age, maybe even younger. Someone asked how old the movie was, so I told them it was about as old as me. Apparently, that is SUPER old. WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN?! I’m just 10!

Right? Right? Wrong? How did I get to be so old without noticing?

Today I finally printed off an application for the GED. Really? ME?! Graduating? EVER!?

My Dad was a youth leader for a year when I was about 7. Although we made some great friends while there, I hated it at the time. “Those Teenagers” were always making MY DADDY go places with them. Making MY DADDY take care of them. I hated “Those Teenagers”, or at least what they did. Now, you have to remember, I was 7! I didn’t know much of anything about any of the circumstances, I just knew MY DADDY was acting more like THEIR DADDY, and I didn’t like it. I told myself I would never become one of “Those Teenagers”.  Oops. You kind of can’t help growing up. I remember when they started graduating High School, long after we left. They were still at least a little evil in my eyes. ***In case any of them are reading, they have been LONG forgiven!*** It’s amazing how much we can change in 10 years. ^_^ I remember when I realized I was one of “Those Teenagers”, and now, I’m almost through.

If you had asked me what I was going to do after school a few months ago I would have told you,  study to become a childbirth doula and then a midwife. But now, I don’t know for sure.  I hadn’t ever thought I could do college.  I’m not smart enough. I’d never get accepted. People had told me I should go on and be a doctor or a nurse, but I just gave them my by now memorized answer. But is that really what I still should do? Maybe we need more midwifery minded doctors and nurses.  That’s for the smarter, richer, more conceited  people. You know, THEM.  But then, we pass so many hospitals every week.  Maybe those people need some Jesus.  I haven’t made any decisions. My next 2 or 3 steps are the same. Pass the GED and get certified as a doula. But after that? Hold all things loosely.  Just because I felt strongly about becoming a midwife then, doesn’t mean it is God’s plan.  And maybe it is.

Really? I’m turning 18 this summer? Can’t be. I’m voting this election? Never.


1 thought on “I’m a Dandelion”

  1. I can sympathize. I know I’m not turning 18 this summer, nor am I graduating just yet (not till the end of next year) but I have been praying about my future as well, as I feel it is starting now. I have the possibility of going on a missions trip down to Mexico in June. And if I go, I think that will be the start of me walking out God’s will. Crazy to think about. =D


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