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Etsy, Camp and What-have-you

‘Ello, ‘ello!

I am back, from… nowhere. Sorry to disappoint you. No, I have no amazing stories about my amazing trip to Minnesota or some other obscure place ;).

I have begun an Etsy shop. Well, that is only half  true (“…my mother was a Caterpillar, my father was a worm. But I am ok with that now.”), it’s a shop for the whole farm, but so far I’m the only one that has anything listed. I’m also thinking about selling at a craft show at the end of the month.  I need money for camp, and I’m not really going to be able to get a job before then because of our trips, so I decided to actually DO something with my crafts :).

I’m just realizing I did this same post last year, but in May. It totally feels like May! Oh My Word! It was nearly 90° today! UHG! WAY too hot for April 2nd! We seem to have skipped Winter and Spring, and gone straight from Fall to Summer! Crazy! Today we mowed for the second time this season (and it was over due!)! Yuck. I hate summer. Well, maybe not hate.

I went back and looked at last years posts around this time and I found that I posted both yesterday, and Wednesday of last year! 🙂 Here’s my post from April 4th, 2011. Went back even further to March 28th, and read my post about the “kittens” Wow! Hard to believe they’re over a year old now! My sweet Pidgey! 

Oh yes! Our trips! I haven’t told you about our trips yet!

In May we are going down to Huntsville for like a week or 2, for a class with Daddy’s work. While we’re down there, we’re going to have a birthday party for my Great-Grandmama H’s 95th birthday. Nearly all of her descendants are coming! 😀 Most of them I haven’t seen in years (probably since her 90th), and none of them (Except Oma and Opa) have met Josh! Actually, I’m wondering if they have all met Hannah…

And, perhaps, if we can pull it off, in June, before Camp, we might be going to Colorado! XD I’m really hoping we can! I’ve never been!

Then there’s camp. Happy Sigh. I’m I’m so excited! Even more-so than last year, as I will be graduating CILT! It’s been a lot of work (and there’s a TON more to do!), but it’s been really good and I’ve really enjoyed it! yep, that was just two “really”s in quick succession. That’s like, the opposite of a double negative, or something. (April Fools! Brain hurt? Mine does.)

Sorry for the random post, I’ll try to write a more composed post maybe tomorrow or something.

6 thoughts on “Etsy, Camp and What-have-you”

  1. Well then you should visit – it really is a lovely place – specially up north. In Duluth. At Lake Superior 😀 That’s my 2nd favourite spot in MN 😀 First is Seven Bridges Road, which is also in Duluth. 🙂


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