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Notebook Recovery Project, Part III

I’m back! BTW, This post is going to take a long time to load, lots and lots of pictures.

I’ve made some other crafts in the meantime. 🙂 I made these today. 🙂PrincessFireSeafoamDaddy has been pruning the grapevines and fruit trees, so I made a wreath (Not from tree branches, from grape vines) 🙂

Moving on.

Measure out a piece of cloth about 1 inch bigger than your book. Line up the spine with the center of the fabric and glue it. Next start on the cover, working just like before, this time from the spine out. Do this on both sides.

Cut the cloth on either side of the spine and the corners. Glue them down the same as everything else. Fold the little flap at the top in half and glue it together, then fold it again and glue it (this time it will be almost to the spine). I’m not sure what this is called. It’s adhesive backed cardstock. Stick it on over the fabric edges. I had to also glue down the edges. You could just leave this  off if you want.  Cut a piece of fabric an inch or 2 wide and as long as the book. Fold the edges under and glue it down. Ta DAA! You’re recovered!

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