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Cashing, I mean Caching

Today my sisters and I went Geocaching. What’s Geochaching you ask? How dare you. Geocaching is probably the most amazing worldwide treasure hunt ever! First you go to the website and make a user (it’s free!). Next search for caches in your area and Go! My first Cache was back in KY at pilot rock when I was about 10 or so. It turns out, there are  8 in our own little H’ville!

At about 2 or 2:30 someone found out and told the rest of us that there was a Geocache near our house. We discussed it and decided that the three older girls would try to make the 2 1/2 mile trek on our bikes. This wasn’t too bad as Meg and I had ridden to Sonic on busy roads in GValley. This was about the same distance, and it was on the quiet gravel roads around our house (which have gotten even more quiet since they started working on the bridge just down our road making it VERY inconvenient to get out). No sweat. It was a beautiful day out, and we were excited to finally get to do some Geocaching. The last time we tried was in Alabama (3 years ago? It can’t be!) but we couldn’t find anything.

We started out at about 3 with our bikes, water, phone/GPS(Which didn’t help AT all except for answering “How much further?”, as I already knew how to get to the site), camera and the dog. Turns out we could and perhaps should have left the dog and camera since we didn’t use the camera and the dog made all the other dogs along the way chase us. : It took us about an 30-45 minutes to make it to the site on our bikes (starting from home). I had no idea how many dogs there were just down the road from us! There had to be over half a dozen in that 2 1/2 mile stretch of gravel.  Once we finally made it, we parked our bikes and began the search.

The GPS and map online that was just as much help since the GPS only could get you to an address, sent us to a median triangle thing (not sure what they’re called) with a bunch of memorials for a guy that got killed in a car accident. We looked all over that little thing but could NOT find it! We looked in the little patch of trees (with thorns I found out, lovely), all over the little stream that ran through it, in both culverts under the road. There was an old tire with a rusty flattened out barrel under it. We were sure it would be in that. We jumped over the creek and waded through the thorns and looked in them. Nothing but trash. We walked back over to the memorials and examined the rocks, lifting up one that seemed loose. Worms.

By the time we caught our breaths and had searched for what had to have been 20 minutes, we talked and decided to ask daddy if there were any clues on the website and asked if he could come bring us home (the bikes fit in the 15 passenger van). He told us to look at the memorials, and that it was easily overlooked, so we looked around the memorials more carefully, but still couldn’t find it. Daddy came with “the littles” (excluding Josh of course) and he found something that we thought might be it, but it was very small and there was no log (a notepad or something else that you sign saying you found the cache, and what you took and what you left, if anything).

We came home and I logged (there are 2 logs, one in the cache itself and one on its page online) our hunt on the website but said I wasn’t sure if we had found it or not because the log was gone. Later I came back to the page and looked at the log. It turns out 2 people came right after we did and the log was gone for them too!  Looks like we DID find it after all!

No, I’m not going to tell you were it was. That would be cheating! Happy hunting!

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