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*GASP* CHRISTMAS IS IN 8 DAYS! *runs around screaming*

Uh, Hi. You saw that? He he. 🙂

Today I’ve been working on making Plarn, Plastic Yarn, out of grocery bags.  I’m going to try to make a mat for camp. See, at camp, we have Morning Devotions outside. Since in the beginning of June (When we have camp) it still rains a lot (at least, in west-central Missouri), even if it doesn’t rain at night, there’s dew. So, every morning our pants get wet, because every morning the ground is wet. Some girls take care of this by laying plastic tablecloths out and sitting on those, but I’ve never seen one that wasn’t huge. Sometimes people will share, but it’s hard to spread out that way.  Last year we brought foam bed rolls to use, but they were still really big, and they are hard to put away.  I’m hoping if I can figure this out it will work ok. It’ll at least  be better than last year, sitting on wet, mossy, squishy tree roots is not the funnest way to start your day, plus it’s hard to think.  We shall see. I’ll post pictures of it when I’m done (ha ha).

I think my yarn (spoken of earlier)  has grown. When I looked at the ball last time, it looked about 8 inches wide. Mom said “well, you said it was wool… ;)” lol


1 thought on “Plarn”

  1. I know! I can’t believe it. There’s no snow, so how can it be Christmas??
    And the Plarn sounds very interesting! I want to see photos of finished project 😉
    Oh and btw, the new template looks wunderbar!!


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