Farm and Family

“Do you live on a ranch?” I resently got asked. I could have just answered “No”. But, after all, what would be the fun in that! It would be very unlike me too. Nope, I couldn’t just stick with the simple direct answer.  I had to write. And this is what I wrote.

We have 10 acres.  Not really a ranch lol :). Barely even a farm.


We have a small cow who will (Lord willing) be our milk cow (She can’t start giving soon enough! We easily drink a gallon a day). 


We started with two cats (a mama and her kitten), the kitten died, but then Whiskers had a litter of 5, 1 for each of us. Then after a few months she had another small litter, only 3. One of them got played with way to much way to early (not by us) and died.  So, the total stands at 8 cats, about 5 too many. BUT, we haven’t had any mice since we got them (like anyone in the country, we did).  The day before Thanksgiving one of the second litter kittens (still only about 3 months old) got the garage door dropped on her.  She lost control of her bowels and couldn’t walk. That night we thought she was dead (not dying, dead).  We all felt awful for the little guys. We prayed for her, and that night, I was working on something on the computer after everyone else had gone to bed, I came upstairs to go to bed myself. On the way up I stopped to check on Chief in the box we had left her in (when we named her, we didn’t know she was  girl), and found that she wasn’t there. I thought Daddy had taken her out to bury her, but I heard some rustling next to the couch, and there she was!  Dead cats don’t jump. I put her back I nthe box and put a laundry hamper over it so she couldn’t get back out (didn’t want her to hurt herself).  We thought this was just a “last rallying”, but if it is, it’s the longest one I’ve ever seen.  The next few days she, although she could walk, she had more of a swagger than most cats. Today she is running around and wrestling her brother like always.  Seriously a miracle kitty. Amazing how God shows his power, even through little kittens :).


We did have about 25 hens and 2 roosters, but all but 4 of them have met untimely deaths(raccoons mostly), well, at least, the hens did. The roosters got “voted off the island”. 


Meg has a dog.  She didn’t start out as Meg’s though, she was just the only one who could stand her.  Last year (2010) while my sisters and I were at camp,  Mom and Daddy were finishing the process of buying this place.  The week after camp, we moved in. The day after moving in, we got the dog.  She is a German Shepherd, Australian shepherd, Border Collie and black lab mix, we refer to her as a 4-way.  It’s a wonder she made it to almost 2 years old now. She nearly got killed a few times, sometimes by our hands, and others by poisoning herself. Right after we got her, she went outside and dug up some hyacinth bulbs (poisonous to anyone) and ate them. Later she ate coffee grounds (worse than chocolate).  Like I said. She’s lucky to be alive.  Even our local “Dog Whisperer” friend wanted to strangle her at times.  All that to say, she’s a mess, but she is better now, which is good because she’s huge (biggest kennel we could find huge).

So our total animal count stands at:

  4 hens, Pepper, Chicken Jane, Crazy Red;

8 cats, Whiskers (gray tabby), Pigeon (black and white puss-in-boots, both mine), Puppy (black and white puss-in-boots, Claire’s), Tuck (short for tuxedo, he is a black and white puss-in-boots with a white mustache, Adam’s), Attila the Hon(ey) (grey tabby, Meg’s),Sarah (grey tabby, Hannah’s), Chief Skunk-face (black calico), and Wane (grey tabby);

1 heifer calf, Bunny;

And 1 crazy dog, Kitty.

You may have noticed, we have a thing for weird names, mainly other animals names. Maybe that’s why they are so messed up… For example, we call “Here kitty kitty kitty!” and all the animals but Bunny come running (or, Kitty would, but she is confined to quarters).  The cats come because we called them, the dog comes because that’s her name, and the chickens come because that means food (who knew! Chickens can learn!).

3 thoughts on “”

  1. I Love your house! When i come it’s like I’ve gone to heaven, you have so many animals. I am so happy to hear that Chief made it, she was my favorite kitty. My family prayed for her to. I love you guys so much, you are the best friends ever!!! (I know that was random, I just thought you should know!) – Bri π
    (heh heh Pi)


  2. Haha! Love it. Oh yes, ‘here kitty, kitty, kitty!’ is like the ultimate calling! Our duck even comes to it 😀
    That’s amazing about the cat. Sounds like one we had. (We just got rid of her yesterday actually…) Miriam (the cat we had) got wrapped around by the dog’s chain one winter, and was buried under the snow for who knows how long. Dad was snow-blowing that evening, as it was getting dark out, and he heard noises coming from the snow, and found her. That was not a very pleasant night…She was frozen. Her insides were all messed up – and to this day she can’t have kittens – she’s also retarded. Mum and I agreed that night that it’d probably just be best to put her out of her misery, but Dad was intent on saving her (!) and he did. She recovered, and was a miracle cat as well. But she was like the walking dead. She sounded like death too! It was awful. And she’d run right in front of the car tires when we drove in, so someone had to get out and move her. That’s why she went bye-bye. (We didn’t kill her anything. She went to another farm!) 😀
    Cat’s are something. I love them though…


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