Farm and Family

‘Tis the Season…

…to be frozen.

As least, that’s how pretty much all the water on the property is.

It is so cold! Bunny’s water was nearly solid. Anything we had left out that caught water the other day when it rained is frozen.  We had to fill milk jugs with hot water and take them to Bunny’s bucket to melt the ice so she could drink it. It’s 30° but the wind is bitter, it feels like about 19°. Yeah I know. That’s hot to most of my readers (or at least, some of you). But that’s about as cold as it has gotten!

After melting Bunny’s water, we tried to run an extension cord out to her bucket (it has a heater in the bottom), but it wouldn’t reach.

We have a small grove of Christmas Trees that some one planted on the back corner of the property.  Earlier Meg cut some branches off to decorate the dining room. She did a really good job. She took some fabric and put it in the bottom of a small basket and put a candle in it. Then she put some “cloven oranges” (Oranges stuck with cloves), pine cones and twigs in it. Very pretty! She put fabric in little cups and put oranges in them, and hung a little branch on the jam-safe knob. Today, after dealing with Bunny, I went and cut some more branches for wreaths. We had some grapevine wreathes I had made last Thanksgiving hung in there. We didn’t take them down, they made the walls not look blank.  I didn’t really want to make whole wreathes out of the firs, they are really spiky, so I decided to fashion some sort of hybrid wreath. It turned out great, so I worked on the other one. I would post a picture, but I have no camera anymore. Imagine a grapevine wreath, and put the front of a green Christmas type wreath on it.  Ok, that sounds weird, but it looks good. Which is good, because it was a real pain making them.

Dad has been teaching us how to play guitar, so this post is going to be short, as, my fingers hurt. 🙂

1 thought on “‘Tis the Season…”

  1. Oh I know, it’s getting cold, indeed! No snow yet though…that has collected at least.
    Yep, every morning we got out to do chores, we have to bring out hot water jugs for the rabbits and chickens. Such a pain…
    The wreath sounds wunderbar!
    And that’s awesome that your Dad is starting to teach you guitar! How cool. I would so love to learn an instrument, but I don’t think I ever shall – besides my Penny Whistle of course. 🙂


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