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You might be a homeschooler if…

You might be a homeschooler if (Just a note, not all of these are referring to me);

1You go through things and correct people’s grammar, but then have to look up how to spell “Through.”

2You get mad at Spellcheck when it doesn’t like the way you spelled a word (Correctly), so you go and make it accept that spelling, but then forget how you did it.

3You get mad at Spellcheck for calling your conversational sentences, fragment sentences.

4You get made at Spellcheck when it auto corrects, because then you can’t tell what you misspelled.

5You get mad at Spellcheck a lot.

6You are 17 and you are going to try to graduate this year, but aren’t sure if you’ll pass the GED (or whatever form of graduation your family chooses.)

7You are 17 and have never kissed a guy, except for relatives and babies, and only on the cheek.

8You are 17 and have no desire to kiss or date until you are married.

9You taught yourself almost everything you know, except for reading, because you just go through the book or watch the video your self.

10You would have probably been labeled an idiot, ADD, ADHA, and put on drugs, because of you inability to learn without running or moving.

11You got your driving permit at 15 and license at 16, so you could go to the store to pick up a gallon of milk.

12You got the jokes on MegaMind.

13You hear a word and have no clue what it means, but by the context, you figure out that you do after all know what it means, you just have never *heard* it, you have only read it.

14You say a word, and people don’t know what you’re talking about, because you’ve only read it and never heard it, and you mispronounced it.

15You come up with phrases like “Word Nerd” and “Aversion to Conversion.”

16You get annoyed when people assume you are good at math and science because your spelling, grammar and handwriting stink.

17You really wish people would just ask how old you are instead of dancing around the subject with questions like “What grade are you in?” because you don’t know what grade you are in, but you do know how old you are.

18You have to do math to figure out what grade you are in.

19You have friends that are 5-7 years older than you. (Also your parents, your parents friends, and your friends parents)

20You have friends that are 5-7 years younger than you.(Your siblings, your siblings friends, and your friends siblings)

21You have friends, but have no clue how old they are. (Meaning, about everyone else, not mentioned above)

22You are a LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) geek.

23You have friends that can, read and write many (If not all) of the runes and such in LOTR.

24You have friends that have arguments about Frodo smoking Longbottom leaf and going to the bathroom.

25The only PG-13 movie you have seen is LOTR, or a Christian film.

26You are slightly obsessed about LOTR.

27You learn fractions by cooking.

28Cake is the traditional breakfast after a birthday, or party.

29You never had an “Easy-Bake Oven”, you used the really oven.

30You like junk food, but also broccoli and Indian food.

31People talk about a book and you have no clue what they are talking about, because you’ve never read it. You have never read it because the author is not dead or very old or a theologian.

32It annoys you when people assume you play an instrument. (The only instrument I play is my keyboard and pen. 😉 )

33Your favorite authors are dead, and it makes you sad when you’ve read all their books, because they can’t write anymore.

34You mention to the librarian maybe they should do a book club on an old(ish) classic book, and she looks at you like you A) have lost your mind B) You are from another planet C) asks you what you to repeat yourself. And you think, but don’t say because it would be disrespectful to an old lady like her “COME ON! The Scarlet Pimpernel? You’ve never read it? How did you get this job?” and leave in a daze.

35You go to renew your books and the librarian assumes that you’re doing this for someone else, because either, you look too old to read that book, or too young.

36You don’t plan to move out at 18, because you love your family.

37You don’t fit in with the local 4-H club because your family doesn’t want to do mini factory farming.

38You take speech and debate, and like it.

39Your debate partner is about 5 years younger than you, and is better at debate than you.

40When people say “I don’t know how you do it! I could never do public speaking!” You say “ME EITHER!”

41You go back and count your list, because you forgot how long you had been at this, and realise you just wrote 40 “You might…”s, that no one is ever going to read

42You try to figure out how to work those 40, now 41 questions into your story to help your word count.

43You are the exact opposite of any of these.

1 thought on “You might be a homeschooler if…”

  1. Andie, I have a whole lot more for you here…
    1, when you go to Walmart people ask if you are playing hooky,
    2, when people ask what grade you are in you answer them with you have no clue.
    3. if you go out side people look at you and are slightly afraid.
    4 when people are mean to you you insult them in a random language, (Latin especially)
    5, you never under any circumstance use swear words.
    6. you hate spell check.
    and that’s what i can think of right this minute, bye!


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