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I’ve been changing my blog some, but not that it’s things you would notice.  I added  a page about my blog.

 “This blog is really just a public journal.  I post about pretty much whatever I think of. I have thought about changing the name to “Spontaneous Combustion”, because that’s what my posting is like.  All at once, BOOM bunches of posts! All at once! And then a long time with no posts.  I suppose this is mostly because sometimes I just get the urge to write. 🙂

 You never know when I’m going to post, or what I’m going to post about, so check back often or subscribe!”

I added some “modes of transportation”, or ways of sharing :).

Thursday we had our first 4H meeting. It was very interesting!  The first thing after saying “The Pledge of Aliegence” (which I knew)  and the 4H pledge (which I still don’t), they dismissed the Clover Kids (like Jr. 4H for 5-7 year olds).  Meg whispered, “Now we’re going to put the little kids in a big dark room!” (the lights weren’t warmed up yet). lol  Then we talked about adding some ways to communicate, Facebook, Email and a website.  First we voted down having all three. Then after some discussion, voted it back! lol Go figure!   I thought it was a good plan.  They already had the website, and people check Facebook and Email more often than a website.  I think I got put on the “Goals and Recreation” commity… o_O  Not sure… >_<

I just finished reading “A Christmas Carol” for the first time.  I had never read Dickens before (I know, I know, shame shame).  The library only had an ilistraighted version.  It was good, but I would have rather not had the pictures. They were distracting, and some were a little freaky.  As I said, I had never read it before, but I have listened to the Focus on the Family Dramatised CD’s, so I knew the story pretty well.  I got “A Tale of Two Cities” also.  Meg tried to start reading it, but couldn’t get past the first famous lines. LOL

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