Farm and Family, Short


I’m really not sure what to post about. I keep remembering, and then when we get to the library, I forget! ARH! Oh well, need to write it down I guess. lol

The weather has been really nice!  SOme might say it’s too cold, but I like it! We really need some rain though!  I’m not sure you could call it a drought, it has sprinkled almost every week, but just a tiny bit.  We haven’t had a good soaking rain since the tornadoes this spring (You probably heard about them, think Joplin). It stormed some then, but it hasn’t since then!  The ground is hard as rock (even where it isn’t).  Our pond is so low you could walk across it without it coming to your waist (unless you are very short, think Hannah).  I haven’t tried, so I don’t know exactly, but Kitty has, silly dog.  lol

Well, I don’t have much time left, so I guess I should scoot, but I will leave you with this. 🙂

Adam: I didn’t know Mom was in the Navy.
Mom: I *had* navy colored clothes. I wasn’t in the Navy.

Adam: Well, you said…
Dad: Hey, you wanna go see a video?

Adam: Nah, I’m flossing my feet…

Hannah: Mama, you can cut your hair the same time I cut mine…Mama: !

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