Are you actually there?

Or have I just checked my blog so much that it looks like I have a zillion hits?

I figured out where all my widgets went! I had been wondering, since my new theme doesn’t have a sidebar.  Enter Mr. Footer! HA! So that’s where they went. Mystery solved!

Best music mix on Pandora ever?  Celtic and Bluegrass! 😀  speaking of Pandora. I logged on today and found 2 new stations on my account! What?! Both in spanish? You gotta be kidding me! It was weird.

The subject of Stay at Home Daughters has been on my mind a lot recently.  It seems like, at least in my circle,  girls graduate school, then do nothing. They stay home and play house.  Which is fine.  But.  It has grown to a pandemic!  It seems that there is no middle ground! Either, “play house” in your parents while you wait for your own, or, the conventional route of moving out, going to college to figure out what you want to do with your life, and  starting a career.  One end or the other.  But why? I have a proposition.  Let’s  use this time!  We don’t have to go to college, but let’s do SOMETHING!  Say you love to cook or bake. Work on expanding your knowledge on that!  Love playing with hair?  Go to beauty school and learn how to do it better!  Want to learn to play an instrument or improve your skills? Now is the time!   It may not be common, but you might not get married, so let’s have something to do with ourselves! Might I suggest becoming a Doula? 😉 Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Anyway.  We have the time to do extra stuff we won’t be able to do later when we have families of our own.    My point is, Carpe Diem.  Seize the day!  Don’t wish away your life!  You don’t have to do something big, just something!

Note: This was inspired by a resent 18th birthday party of a dear friend of mine, and the things shared by the mothers and other ladies there who have had a much longer life than me. Also, I really don’t mean to step on any toes, I’m not saying SAHDing is wrong, just that we need to add something to it. 🙂

Carp A De M 😉

6 thoughts on “Are you actually there?”

  1. Haha, I’ve wondered the same thing about my blog – are there actually people visiting, or is it just me? -.-

    I agree – daughters that stay at home is wonderful – I completely support it, but I also think the time needs to be used wisely. Getting deeper in your relationship with the Lord should be key time-spending. I know I want to be able to say that the guy who courts me someday had to search the Lord in order to find me 🙂 I love that quote.
    Nice post once again 🙂


    Ditto on the Celtic note. But the part about Stay at Home Daughters-hilarious. So true. If you don’t mind, I’m going to share it with a friend of mine who just turned 18 and who is caught up in this pandemic. HEHEHE!



  3. Annie’s Mom here…somehow, my phone is logged into your account…anyway, Honey, I am so proud of you. You inspire me. No matter what the Lord leads you to do with your life, I want you to keep “seizing the day.” Love you.


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