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Favorite month?


I think I may have decided september is my favorite month. At least this year it has been!  We’ve had days like Summer and Fall, even some with a Spring like breeze! There are the new fall flowers blooming and the trees aren’t loosing their leaves yet  (Spring like) and some really hot days (like Summer).

Then the wonderful Autumn days, growing more and more often.  I really love these!  Hoodies, denim jackets, boots, cool evenings and cold nights. Ok, so that is mostly clothes related, but honestly! Fall clothes and colors are some of the best!  People are forced to wear more clothes too ;).  Did I mention the food? Ah! Meg made an apple pie the other day! Oh, it was SO good! It had been so long! Hot chocolate, cider (Sometimes, I prefer cocoa),Choc-oat chip cookies, brownies, and pumpkin breads and pies and things. Not that we don’t, of course, have them other times of the year, but they seem so much better in cold weather!  Thanksgiving is soon too! Ah! I just love Fall!

*It reminds me of when I was little in Kentucky.  We lived in a town called Rosewood. It was so small it didn’t even have a post office or anything, just a sign and some churches.  It took us about half an hour to get to a gas station, and a little longer to get to Walmart.  Our church was at least an hour away, I think it was more.

This was probably my favorite place we lived.  Our house was next to a church that had a huge cemetery out behind it.  We had a huge yard, with a picnic table, a porch type swing, a bunch of trees, and a big empty space perfect for playing games.  We had irises all over the place, a few tulips, and roses and ivy climbing up the house.  And that was just the front yard!  The back had a shed, that of course, turned into a play, and later cat house.  There wasn’t much “yard” to the “backyard”, but it was perfect for pretending the shed was a house (it had electricity too).  On the side of the house we had a huge driveway that curved around the house and had a loop, much the shape of a race track draped over a hill, just right for bike riding.  On the other side of the driveway there was, what we called”the warehouse”, a huge building that had been used to store RV’s and/or boats before we moved in, and had an intriguing little fenced in backyard (compleat with barbed wire around the top).  The warehouse was full of junk, but still had room for bike riding and roller skating.  We had a swing set at the top of the hill between the driveway and the woods behind  our house.  The woods were a favorite play place of ours and I knew all the trails (Some made by 4-wheelers).

But our favorite place (at least for a while) was the crab apple tree.  We climbed all over that poor little tree.  For a time, we even had an elevator set up in it. Of course, 4  year old Claire was the only one who could be hoisted up in it, as it was only a milk crate and a rope, so could not hold much more than tiny Claire.  One day we were playing in our tree, when Mom looked out to see us pulling little Claire up the tree.  At this time there was rebar stuck in the bank of the ditch just below the tree.  She fussed at us and told us that it wasn’t safe to do that!  So what did we do? Put on bike helmets!  They obviously protected you from anything, and we wanted to keep playing!

*This is all true as far I remember, but you must allow, I was only 10 at the time.

Times up, for now!

5 thoughts on “Favorite month?”

  1. Thank you for letting me know you posted! I love your posts 🙂

    Oh I know what it’s like to reminisce about past houses. They always seem to grand in our childhood imagination! I was only 7 when we moved, but I have wonderful memories there 🙂
    And btw, I LOVE this new theme!! So cute!

    My favourite month is…well September, October and November! Autumn ❤ 😀


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