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Long Time, No See!

Ho ho ho!


I’m not really sure what I had planned to post about… I completely forgot…  Maybe the fist quiz?  Yes, I think that was it!

Saturday was the first quiz of the season.  Actually it was the first EVER September quiz! Woooooooow!  We have moved the quiz season one month earlier, so as to have more time for those who go to Nationals to get ready (I think…) Anyway, it went very well!  Claire and I are on the same team, Seekers of His Kingdom.  We did pretty well, 10th place out of 15.  I got 55th out of 95 quizzers, and Claire was 85th! 😀  Both very good places (at least by my standards)

Whiskers had kittens again! Ugh! At least it was only three this time, and one of them died (not that we wanted him to! don’t dare take it that way!).  We have decided to get rid of five of the cats though.  We can really only fix three of them, and we figured out a solution to a problem we have had.  We really like having baby kittens, because they are so soft and cuddly and warm and nice to carry around with you.  But they grow up and have more, and we sure don’t need that!  Mom has “finally” warmed up to the idea of having rodents as pets, because they are also all those things, but don’t get any bigger, and we aren’t going to get more than one of any given kind we end up with.  I think we have talked about guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas.  I vote chinchilla, but my vote doesn’t really count much, as I get to keep both my cats (Whiskers adopted me and I picked Pidge  out of her first litter).  I think it would do more than a guinea pig, but I really don’t know anything about any of them. 🙂

Ok…… well…… Now what…OH! I remember!  A couple of things actually!

Meg is starting a Dog sitting business! 🙂

I’m trying to get a job Taco Bell.

Ok, not sure what to say now…

Ok, well, bye 🙂 I’ll try to post again soon! 🙂

1 thought on “Long Time, No See!”

  1. Hey! I see you posted again 😀
    One of our cats just had kittens last night. I don’t need anymore ^.^
    Oh! Get a guinea pig =D They are uber cute. I have five of them. They are a lot less work then a chinchilla too. Chinchilla’s are supposedly a LOT of work. If you handle the guinea pig a lot, he/she will become very friendly, and very fun 🙂


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