Pictures, Short

What was I going to post about? Oh yeah…

  Here’s a picture of Lil’ Beaver! 😀

Uhg! I am sore from swimming! 😛  Claire and I are taking swim lessons this week and next week.   At least we get the weekend off! Actually it’s only Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.  It’s kinda awkward.  The teacher is a guy not much older than me, and we are the only ones in the class.

We are going to The Rebelution Conference tomorrow! :D! I have only been to one, and that was a few years ago in Dallas.  THis time it’s in Kansas City! 😀 Meg and Claire are coming, and I think my friend AM is coming.  I was hoping to help out at it, but they never emailed me back. : Oh well.

 I think my computer is about to shut off…  I don’t understand the library computers very well… 😛

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