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Why are you sleeping?!


I have returned! YAAY! lol Actually, I have wanted to post for a long time, but when I got back from camp, the computer wasn’t working! Arrgh! And I didn’t think to come to the Library to post until now.

Camp was AWESOME!  Learned a lot! 

 Outposting was great!  It made it more bearable to have to go for both weeks.  All of us were in the same cabin (so as to make moving easier), and all but one of us were CILTs.  My counselor was one of my friends from church :).  Sunday night we stayed at camp.  After breakfast Monday, we packed up and hiked down to the pond.  The pond is on the far end of the camp grounds, down a hill, through the woods (at the same time, plus rocks).  We hiked down there and unpacked Rufus’ (the outposting leader) car, then started trying to get the tents up before it started raining. 

 It took a long time to figure out the tent.  We still didn’t have it up when we heard the bell ring for first activity, so Rufus stayed down to try to get it up before the rain.  First activity was CILT for most of us.  First class was a bible study on John 20 (I think).  This was a first for me. I hadn’t ever done a group Bible study like that, so it was nice that it was on my some Quiz material from last year.  Anyway, it was very good.  

 After class, we hiked back down the hill to make lunch.  Since it was the first day, and it was, by then, raining, we had cold sandwiches and chips.  Even though that may not sound good, we were hungry from hiking up and down the hill, and our food was still better than what they had up at camp (chips, trail mix, with mostly M&Ms).

This was mostly because there were only 8 of us, but also because of Rufus.  Rufus is the campcraft teacher at camp, so she was in her element (or at least, that’s how it looked to us (: ).  We nicknamed her the  “Fire-goddess”,  she can cook pretty much anything on an open fire.

After lunch, we had a little rest time.  Normally, this would be called “rest hour” , but we never got that much, because we had to clean up the site. 

Next was free time.  We slept a little longer, and then hiked up the hill for second activity (.22’s and Archery, we all picked the same things lol).  Most days we hiked up during free time and showered (Because who wants to hike up the hill in the morning or right before bed!). 

We hiked back down one more time for cabin time, which for us was time to cook dinner :).

Then bedtime. We slept in the tents on foam mats (About 2 inches between you and the ground).

Everyday went pretty much like this.  Waking up earlier than you want to because your on the ground.  Gathering wood and making fires before every meal.  Cooking. Cleaning. Hiking up the hill twice a day. 

There were also the Bible studies twice a day.  Morning watch by yourself right after getting up. And Bible Ex, after breakfast (I think).  Tross, the camp director came down to do Bible Ex with us everyday (so good!).   I figured out that if the teacher (usually your counsellor) is excited and passionate about the Bible Ex (or anything really), it really rubs off, but if she’s dry it also rubs off. 

It rained off and on all the first week, so it was really nice and cool.  Some days, mostly in the morning, a lot of us wore jackets.  The second week was warmer, but still not hot.

I really learned a lot about really giving things to God, and not stressing about them.  I really felt overwhelmed with CILT, and we had just found out that mom’s pregnant! 

After we all got home from camp, we went down to visit my Papaw (mama’s dad).  He is living in a nursing home in south IL at the moment, but this weekend, we are going down to bring him up here for  a while!

We were home for a week or two, when we got the call that my great-grandmother just died in south-east AL.  So we drove down for the funeral.

Now you’re caught up (mostly).

Last Friday, we had my birthday party (of sorts).  It was just a few of my friends families over for dinner, but we had a really fun time!  I hadn’t seen AM and AC since Nat’s, and it’s almost Quiz season again!

Yesterday (my actual birthday), we went to Bo Ling’s, a chinese restaurant (not like a buffet though (: ), then swimming. It was so nice!  It had been forever since we had been to BL’s and there was NO ONE at the pool, even though it was a Monday afternoon during summer break!

Well, Claire is wanting on here before my time run’s out on the Library computer. So I guess I’ll go.

Oh, one more thing.  I found a website were you can read all  the scarlet pimpernel books (It’s near impossible to find them in print).

1 thought on “Why are you sleeping?!”

  1. Hey Annie!
    I was glad to see this post! I really enjoyed reading it all 🙂
    Happy belated Birthday!! Sounds like fun!
    Sorry about your great-grandmother passing 😦 That’s sad.

    But I’m glad you had an enjoyable time at camp and all! 🙂


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