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Visit one, Check

One visit down, two more to go! 😀

WE SURVIVED!  No, I’m not referring to our friends visit (it was AWESOME fun!).  Well, in a way I am.   Our friends who were spending the night were still here, and hung around ’till later in the afternoon. 🙂  You may have heard about all the bad weather in Kansas City.  We had a tornado warning, so we hid out in the basement from about 11 to about 2.  Supposedly there were a few touchdowns around us, but it didn’t really even rain that much!  We didn’t have any damage at all, so, don’t worry! 🙂

OOH! I did something really cool! 😀  In the latest edition of Backwoods Home (A magazine), they have an article about making your own firestarters… Well, yeah… I had to… 🙂 Here’s how I did it:


1 paper egg carton

2 bricks gulf wax

Fuel, aka, assorted flammable goodness: any part of a pine tree, (though needles and cones are traditional 🙂 ), dryer lint, dog fur (from brushing), cotton balls.  I used pine cones (breaking the lobes off) and needles.

Get your cartons and everything ready, fuel in the egg cartons.  Put it on a cookie sheet (mine had oil on it from baking something the night before).  Melt wax (I melted it in a glass jar in a pot of water because we don’t have a double boiler).  Pour melted wax (be very very careful!) into the carton, just enough to hold the fuel.  Put them in the fridge to harden.  When it’s solid, cut cups a part and light wisely. Don’t play with matches or fire 😉 .

It is a little hard to light (at least I had a hard time, I’m wondering if it’s the matches though), but once the carton is lit, your good.  Mine burned about 1/2 an hour (I think lol).  

Would you believe that our library doesn’t have Kidnaped?  I had to order it from another one!  It came in a few days ago and I picked it up yesterday. I”m already to chapter 6 🙂 even with company over lol!  I’m really liking it!

Ok, I must go to bed now. G’Night!

1 thought on “Visit one, Check”

  1. Goodness, where have I been? Missed a couple posts of yours, and am now catching up! Hehe.
    How are you? We’re good, just a bit busy. Sat. (When the world ended) was my sis’s wedding, and then Monday, Dad, Mum, Noah and I went up north. Fun, fun. I love it up in Duluth 😀
    So, do tell me what is going on in your life! I haven’t talked to you in ages it seems! 🙂


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