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Busy, busy, busy!

Uh yeah. Next few weeks are going to be busy. 

Tomorrow we are cleaning the church with another family. Of course, the rapture is tomorrow, so…  Actually, I’m not sure I’ll be going.  A few of us will probably, but most of us are sick. Bleh. 😛 I’m not feeling good, and no one else is either, except maybe Dad, so we’ll see.

Sunday there is a TON going on! Meg, Claire and Adam’s art class is going to the Nelson (art museum).  A friend has an eagle scout graduation. And we have the Bible Quiz picnic!  All at the same time! Ahk!  We are only going to  the picnic though, I think. 

Tuesday one of Mom’s Online friends is spending the night. Excited about that. They have known each other for 10 years, but never gotten to meet IRL.


Friday some other friends are spending the night with us, the C girls (par-tay! 😉 ).

Saturday or Sunday (I’m not sure what week either, I missed that part lol) My Aunt Uncle and Family are coming up from TX! I don’t think we’ve seen them since Christmas! 😀 Hannah is excited to see Cousin M!

Camp is in three weeks (Thank you counter on the sidebar 🙂 ).   Hopefully I will be doing the Outposting they started this year, as well as CILT.

Today is Will’s Birthday.

Good-night all!

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