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Um… yeah… sorry about that… I kinda forgot to post… tee hee… 🙂

Wow.  I haven’t posted in so long, I don’t remember what I need to fill you in on. |runs off to check last post|

Ok, so it seems I left you at the debate tournament and  Nationals. 😉 

The tournament was AWESOME! :D!! We won 2 out of 4 debates, so we got an IBC root beer (it’s a  PSALT thing) for that.  I also got the Quotable  Quotes award. I didn’t think it was that funny, it was sort of an inside joke.  One of my partners sisters (and a friend of mine) had been following us watching our debates and heckling loudly and often, so with a wink I said “and thanks to the Peanut gallery. Please heckle! Except you, you heckle too much. ;)”.

Nat’s went great!  I had a great time!

I sent in my stuff for CILT last week. I’m super excited! [bounces up and down] well, ok, not quite that excited… don’t want to be ostruporus. But still! 😀
We planted a bit of garden this week.
We have two birds nesting in our bird houses (that we have found)!  We had three, but a big snake got the other one :(.  One is in our back yard. We call it “The Projects”.  It’s a Purple Martin house, but a whole bunch of House sparrows have taken up residence.  They are SO funny!  They’re always fighting, really loud!   One will fly up and land, then another will start chasing it, it goes on all day!  They don’t care if we are out there, but they care if the other birds are!!  
The other nest is a pair of Indigo Buntings in the front yard in a bird house hung in a tree next to the driveway. THey aren’t so loud, in fact, if mom hadn’t seen the male the other day and asked me to figure out what they are, I wouldn’t have even known we had any!   When I went out and looked in the bird house the female was inside looking out and me! It was so cool!   We also got the Humming bird feeder filled yesterday, and have already had some visitors! Not too surprising though, as they had come up to the empty feeder looking for food.
One year ago tomorrow Will died. Wish I could just sleep all day.

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