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My New Best Friend :)


 Yes, it’s true! I have a new bestest friend! Her name is Sock Yarn! Yep! I have finally discovered sock yarn! I love it! It’s just light enough, but not too light. 🙂  And I can’t even make socks! XD  That will be one of my next projects once I finish this and my other ones :).  This will be a beret.  I have made others with plain red heart yarn you get at Walmart, but this one is with a smaller hook and sock yarn. I’m working in a circle (you can probably tell from the picture).

I have been meaning to post about why I love blogging for a while now.  here are a few of my main reasons 🙂

  • You can tell a story, and now one can interrupt you!  You can start whenever you want and end whenever you decide, and come back later. 🙂
  • You can talk about something, even if it’s random and has nothing to do with what the last person just said!
  • You can either say a lot, or a little.
  • You can connect with people far away, across the world even.

Tuesday I have a Debate tournament all day. I’m very excited they moved it, I wasn’t going to get to come because it was going to be on the last day of Nationals.  Speaking of which! Nationals is NEXT WEEK! O.O

I gave my Speech last week! It went ok, but I had the wrong draft with me! 😦  I still got an 80 though :).

Today we went to Hobby Lobby and got the fabric for my dress :D!  Here’s it is!

I suppose I will get off, go to bed and end my post now :).

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