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Haircuts :D


Today, we all got haircuts :D. Mom, Claire and I went to Fantastic Sam’s, and Mom cut Meg’s :). 

I love my cut! It’s just a trim with bangs, but I love it! XD  The ends were driving me nuts!  They just kinda, sputtered out at the ends of my ponytail/braid. 😛 Made me crazy. : Mom’s going to do it next time, lol none of us want fancy stuff!

Tomorrow Mom is getting her Thyroid taken out. Please pray for us. 🙂

Bunny is getting stronger :).  Vet is coming Thursday to castrate Sir and Check over Bunny.

4 thoughts on “Haircuts :D”

  1. he he. Nope. Hiefer! XD She’s our new bottle calf 😀 sh hadn’t been doing very well, but she’s eating more now :).


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