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Well. Hm… I haven’t posted in so long, I’m not sure where to start!

Whiskers had her kittens!

About a week old

 They are now a little over two weeks old and A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!  Two are little tabbies like there mama (we think these are both girls, but you can’t really tell), and three little black Puss-in-boots!  Two we think are boys, and the other is a girl (we think lol). They are  SOOOOO cute!! XD  The two tabbies are Hannah and Claire’s. Claire named her’s “Puppy” and Hannah, well… is four… so, the name is ever changing lol! For the moment, it is “Sarah”, but it had been “Quin”.  Adam’s looks like he is wearing a tuxedo and a little white mustache, thus, is named “Tuck (sedo (; )”.  The other two look very very similar.  Meg’s is (as far as we can tell) a boy, and mine is a girl. Neither of us have really decided what to name ours.  I was going to call mine “Pippin” and Meg was going to call her’s “Samwise” (Sam for short), but we aren’t sure.  My kitten doesn’t really seem like a “Pippin”.  This afternoon I was holding her on my chest, and she kept climbing up to my shoulder, and almost knocked my earring off lol (she didn’t yowl as much when she was up there lol).  Meg said I should call her “Polly”, I’m really not sure what to name her though.  Any suggestions? Couldn’t really get any good pictures of the rest of her, she wouldn’t stay still :D.

A few days before whiskers had her kittens, Shadow got very sick and died. He had gotten to be very nice, and a very good mouser.

 We got the chickens!  We’ve actually had them for a while, but I haven’t posted in forever… lol  There are 13 hens, 7 Road Isle Reds, 3 Aracaunas, 2 white Leghorns, and 1 Black and white speckled (I don’t remember what breed, we named her Pepper).  There are also 2 roosters, Brutus and Freddy (Brutus is the one in charge and keeps Fred away).  We get about a dozen eggs a day most days.
I haven’t been taking pictures everyday for a while now. It was kind of getting to be drudgery.  I have accomplished my goal though. The point was to be better at photography and take more pictures, and I have done both.  I still take pictures almost everyday, but it had been getting very confusing (figuring which picture went with which day and all that, I don’t really like the date stamps, and I kept running out of batteries).
We have figured out that my website has been hacked, and that is why it is blank. 😦 Working on fixing that… 🙂
This Saturday we are having a “fence raising” of sorts at His Hand Hollow. Quite looking forward to it! 😀
I give my speech this Thursday! Please pray for me! :
Good night all!

2 thoughts on “Sigh…”

  1. Awwww!!!! They are sooo cute!!!! This is where I go, “I want kittens!!” “No, I don’t want kittens. They bring pain.” So I’ve come up with my all-work answer “I want HEALTHY kittens!” that works best 🙂
    I don’t know if we’ll have kittens this summer…most likely, but I’m not really sure, because none of our males know what they’re doing 😛 Which is a good thing, because they are all related, and we went through this last year. No good.
    But anywho! I am glad to see you posted again! 🙂
    How about Mattie? Short for Matilda? Just a suggestion 🙂 Or you could name her Tipper, Taeda Bel, Lady Eirwyn, Annie’s cat 😉 or Leah. I don’t know! There are so many names out there to chose from! I love names 🙂
    Oh I’m sorry about Shadow 😦
    That’s awesome! Our chickens aren’t laying yet, because of the cold. Are you having any trouble with the leghorns? When we had one, they turned horribly annoying and mean, and had to go bye-bye, if you know what I mean 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind taht this comment is a bit long =0s
    I’ll be praying for you! 🙂


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