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Days 32 through 37 [happy sigh], Now we’re really a farm! :D

Wow, so much has happened since posting last!

Thursday was a really big day.  First I had Speech & Debate class. Then, after I came home, I took everyone to the library to return my extremely overdue books (they put them on the “lost list”), and then to the park to sled.  Our dear midwife friend, Miss K, came for a visit, and spent the night with her granddaughter, K, who is about my age 🙂 It was a really good day, I didn’t get to study, but it was most definitely worth it :D. Some things are more important than studying.  Miss K and K didn’t leave our house until late in the afternoon, so they ate lunch with us.   It was such a good visit.  After they left, we went to Quiz-Offs practice.  That went REALLY REALLY well!!  In the first quiz, Mr M was the quizmaster, I did really well. I think I almost quizzed out (getting 5 answers right, getting 3 answers wrong is called an error out).  In the second quiz, I saw Mr M talking to my daddy.   Day 32, Snow

After practice, when we were cleaning up, Mr M talked to me.  He said I did really good job.  That pretty much made my day :D.  Very deep snow at the pool at the city park on Thursday 🙂

Day 33, Sledding

Saturday was Quiz-Offs. It started pretty good, even though I was in room 6 (the lowest room, you are put in a room by rank.  I was almost the very last person.  I quizzed out that round, my first time in a real quiz ever! Then I moved up a room (each room sends five people down, and five people up, unless it’s the highest or lowest).  In room 5, I didn’t get any jumps at all, so I moved back to room 6.  I quizzed out again in room 6, and moved back up to 5. I moved up to 4, and I think I fell to 5, then back up to 4, and then didn’t move for the rest of the day.  I ended in seat 8 in room four, which would be 50th place. I met my goal! I was happy with that, but I didn’t think I would make it to nationals. 

Day 34, Sunset

Sunday was potluck at church.  I had a really good time talking with friends. 😀 They had the meeting later in the day to decide who was going to nationals and put together the teams. We joked that this was the night the website crashes, because everyone is getting on to see if they made it on the team they wanted to be on, or if they made it at all. 

Day 35, Melting

I kept checking and they hadn’t posted it. It finally got to 9 (when they said it would be posted by). I checked the website and I made it!! I’m going to Nationals!! :D!!! I’m so excited!  I’ve never gone before! I’m on a team with one of my very good friends AM (she’s on my regular season team, and will be at the Iowa Tournament too 🙂 ).  My coach is Mr TM (my coach at Iowa last year) and his daughter AbM is the assistant coach (my regular season assistant coach last year). I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂

Day 36, Early Moon

We’ve had a lot going on with the animals too.

  Saturday, while I was at Quiz, we got our calf from our friends from church. 🙂 he’s very cute now, but he won’t be when it’s time to eat him :). Then he will be tasty ;). 

Sir Loin

We had been thinking that Whiskers was pregnant, but we weren’t sure.  When Miss K was visiting us, she confirmed that diagnosis. 😀 We’re quite excited! I think we will be keeping two of them, but I’m not sure… lol.

Day 37, Hyacinth

Today we worked in the garden.  I love having the solarium! It was so hot in there, we had to open the windows!  We planted brocoli, spinach, lettuce and strawberries!

The garden! 🙂 can't wait for the stuff to grow! 🙂

For Valentines Day, Daddy always gets us all a chocolate heart. 🙂 He leaves it on our beds when he goes to work (if he’s home, he still gets up before us all 🙂 ). Hannah is always so cute when she wakes up. This year, she woke up and took her box to Meg (Who was asleep I think) and asked her what it was (Even though she got one last year too! lol). Meg told her it was chocolate, and opened it up for her. Hannah woke up Claire, and told her she had chocolate too! 🙂  Hannah and Adam’s boxes had little stuffed monsters on them. They are really cute! lol Adam’s is named Crush (It was what the tag said), so we said he crushed the candy 🙂  Claire’s box had snoopy playing basketball, and Meg’s had a chocolate lab. Mine is just plain. Daddy got Mama a box tower. One tier had chocolate turtles, the next had peanut brittle, and the bottom had a bunch little chocolate bars wrapped up like Tootsie Rolls, but they are SO much better! 😀  It’s always funny, as soo as everyone wakes up, they eat about half of their box of candy, and then have a stomach ache! lol So, since I woke up last (I was still tired from Quiz-Offs), everyone gave me part of their leftovers! lol Of course, later today, they begged a piece off of me. 🙂

My website is messing up for some reason, sorry guys :

Happy Valentines day everyone!! ❤

2 thoughts on “Days 32 through 37 [happy sigh], Now we’re really a farm! :D”

  1. Congrats Annie!!! That is very exciting that you are going to Nationals!!! Yay 🙂
    Lovely post as well, and the pictures are beautiful!! The little calf looks too cute 🙂 I don’t think I could raise and then kill a cow. They’re just too cute 😉
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! 😀


  2. Hey Annie!! Thank you sooo much for that comment on my blog! I was very excited to see it 🙂
    Yep, Dallas is getting married! May 21st! It’s coming up very soon 🙂
    How have you been?


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