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Days 28,29 and 30!! WOO HOO!

Day 29, Team

YAY! I have made it to day 30! [Happy Dance] or for those of you who may or may not dance [Happy Jump]   

We had a Bible Quiz Saturday. It was… hm… not sure… my team did ok.  I think everyone was having an “off” day.  For the year, we are in 6th place, and Meg’s team is in 7th , for the February quiz though, we are 10th, and Meg’s team is 13th.   For the year, I am 109th, but for the quiz, I’m 70th! I was SO happy! [‘Nother Happy Dance]  That’s the highest I’ve been all year! I know. Pitiful. I resolve to fix that this week!  Which brings me to my next topic, QUIZ-OFFS!!!!!  

Ah, yes. That wonderfully awful 6 hour stretch of quizzing that seels your fate when it comes to the question, ”To Nationals, or not?  To Nationals.”  It shows what kind of quizzer you really are.  Instead of quizzing on a team, you are quizzing alone, against people of about the same rank as you.  I have competed in it every year that I have quizzed, but never to qualify for Nationals.  This year, despite my dismal rank, I am trying.  Why this year, you ask?  Because, this year they are having Nationals in Kansas City, making it a mere $360 (cough, cough, choke, choke, gasp, wheeze). Yes, that is still, a huge amount of money, but it’s not that much compared to last year!  Last year was in Pittsburgh, and it was something like $650! Ouch. [cringe] Needless to say, I did not join them.  Actually, I have never joined them.  I’m thinking I probably won’t this year either, but I have more chance this year than I ever have.  Since it is so close this year, we are going to take somewhere between seven and nine teams.  Two years ago, Nationals was in St. Louis (I wasn’t quizzing because we were living in Alabama), and they took nine teams, so the thinking is, they will bring closer to nine teams this year.  With 7 quizzers on a team, and 9 teams going, or 7×9, we will be bringing somewhere around 63 quizzers, and there are about 130 quizzers this year.  Of course, some of them won’t be trying for Nationals or even be at Quiz-Offs, and some of them aren’t really quizzing (quit mid-season, or before it even started, but still are signed up)!  Now, I only have 2 chapters memorized.  The usual minimum for a FIRST year quizzer is 1 chapter a month, so by the end of the season, they should have 5, so, I am quite behind.  My goal is to have another chapter memorized, and be in the top 50 at Quiz-Offs.  I have done it before, last year, my final rank was 46th out of 123, and the chapter I’m memorizing is only 32 verses long.  At 5 verses a day, which I can do fairly easily, I will have 25 by Friday.  I already have the first 2 or 3 memorized, so that is only about 29 verses left, which I can do at 6 verses a day.  I don’t know that I have ever done that, and some days 5 is a stretch ( it really shouldn’t be), but I’m going to try.   Another goal I have for this month is to memorize my materiel that I didn’t, which is about 3 chapters.  My chapter this week is included in this goal, so I guess that would be a sub-goal lol?  This next month is going to be very busy, lots of quiz things going on.  Every week we have either a practice, or a quiz of some sort.  This week there is Quiz-Offs, then on the 25th and 26th is the Iowa Tournament, with practices every week I believe (I’ll have to check my schedule tomorrow).  

  Day 28, Jumpy Moon

We had been wanting Chinese food for about a month, and the frozen stuff and teriyaki bowls from Jack-In-The-Box was not cutting it.  We wanted the fresh(ish) stuff from the restaurant.  Today, we finally got to go to one! !  It was so good (in an awful sort of way lol ).  I got a Crawdad from the buffet, always wanted to try one.  I went back to our table and as soon as mom saw what I had, she got up to get some ice-cream.  I looked at it for a while, and poked it.  I had no clue how to eat the thing, but I knew it was not how Mr. Bean ate it on Mr. Bean’s Holiday (the whole thing, shell, claws and all).   I ate the rest of my food, and then tried again, but not for long, because mom came back and didn’t want to see it.  We played with it a little (I know, naughty), and named him Fred.    

Day 30, Fred Says “Hey”


I will leave you with a quote that Mama shared with me today:   

“Discipline is remembering what you want.”
David Campbell

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