Goodbye Jibenow

This is very hard for me to write.  I’ve really had a wonderful time on JibeNow with you all.  There really isnothing like it.  Homeschool Blogger is fine, but it’s only the Homeschooler part.  There are other Christian social networks (of sorts) and forums, but they’re only the Christian part.  JibeNow is different.   It’s like both of those things.  Plus so much more.  It feels like moving away from friends you love.  You have other ways to keep in touch, but it’s not the same, and it never will be quite the same.  Feels like such a good thing is slipping through my fingers, and March 1st, it will will be gone, and all we will have is memories. 

For the moment, you can find me on wordpress Ladybugs and Daisies, or AndieBelle, although, right now, AndieBelle isn’t working right.

I promise, I’ll post a normal post tomorrow.

“Upward and Onward!”, The Last Battle, CS Lewis

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