Day 16, Snowing again?



Hello all! 

It started snowing again today! 😐 Not really sure what I think of that.  If we didn’t live on a gravel road, I’d be fine with it. I really do like snow! But when you can’t go play in it, it’s not as fun. I need to clean out my snow boots and wash my snow pants so I can go out!  They’re still muddy from when I fell in the pond.  Oh, I didn’t tell you about that did I?  I think it was last week, I was testing the pond to see if we could sled on it. I got all the way around, and it was still fine,  Then I started walking towards the bank, and my foot went right through the ice and almost ankle deep in mud, and then my other foot went through just in front of it!  In trying to get out, I pulled my boot off.  So there I was, standing in the muddy snow with one boot on, but still down in the mud, and a sock foot!!  I pulled the other foot out, carefully, so as to keep the boot intact, and then started wiggling the other boot to try and get it out.  After pulling myself out of the pond (While the others watched, ok honestly, I didn’t let them help, I didn’t want them to get stuck too lol), I started going back around to where we were sledding  on the bank (The pond is VERY low, so there is like a beach on one side).  About half way to my destination, I fell in again.  I was sureI wasn’t on the ice (it’s hard to tell when it’s covered in snow), but I guess I was, and the same thing happened again! lol  I learned that  the middle of a pond is no necessarily the part your most likely to fall in. 

I found some batteries, so I took more pictures today 🙂 

I’ve decided snowflakes are the hardest thing to take pictures of (At least, that I’ve found).  If you try to catch them on a piece of black paper, they melt and get it all wet.    And if y0u try to catch them on glass (like this window), the camera tries to focus on whatever is on the other side! In any case, you have to be careful where you breath! lol It doesn’t take much to melt a snowflake! 

Editing shows makes the flakes show up better 🙂 Meg wanted me to take pictures of the cat clothes she made lol The Whiskers is not pleased, she's giving you "The Look"
She liked the piece of lunch meat 🙂 lol

And then I did some edits 😀 



Day 16, Fresh

3 thoughts on “Day 16, Snowing again?”

  1. Oh! How…awful! Mudd 😛 I’m sorry that happened!
    The pictures are great though! Oh!! It snowed here all day yesterday too, and so as soon as it got dark I went out and got pictures! At first it didn’t work, but I got a couple that I like 🙂 So I’ll post them, and you come see and tell me what you think, okay? 😀

    I can’t believe your cat puts up with that! I don’t know if ours would 😛


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