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Day 15, More snow

Today we worked on cleaning our room.  The nice thing about doing it together, is we can talk about how we want to decorate it later, and work on plans. 🙂  A few items we’ve decided must be part of it are;

  • A hammock chair in the unused corner (well, it’s supposed to be unused, right now we have the old TV in it)
  •  A mirror, Preferably one of those full body mirrors on a stand that tilts (I forget what those are called…)
  • A more feminine desk, the one we have now is brown, and would go much better in Adam’s room
  • Shelves covering one wall, perhaps with a spot for a desk
  • Meg’s Dress form she has been wanting to get

I took a nap this afternoon, because I don’t feel very good. 😦

Day 15, Snowdrifts

I didn’t get many pictures today because the battery is almost flat (LOL the bad thing about telling stories in a speech, is, your audience may only remember the story! lol Thank you Ken Ham! Flat=Dead, Nursing = Holding, in Australia)

This is why we call her "Eyeball"

I don’t think we’ll be going to Quiz practice tomorrow… :

Watch this! Michelle is the assistant teacher of my debate class 🙂  See if you notice something in a speech that your not supposed to do.

1 thought on “Day 15, More snow”

  1. Fun!! Redoing a bedroom is fun! I hope it is going well 🙂
    Aw, I’m sorry that you weren’t feeling too good 😦 I pray you are feeling better now!
    Great pictures too 🙂


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