Days 11,12 and 13, AIG conference

Wow, Feels like I haven’t posted in forever! lol It’s only been three days though!

Sunday morning we went to the “Mega-Church” where Ken Ham was speaking, to hear his first session, The Relevance of Genesis in Today’s World, but we got there late, so we had to sit in overflow, but we didn’t know it.  We went in and sat down, and it was just playing on a screen.  We watched for a while, and then Mom took Hannah out, and in walking up and down the halls, heard that what we were listening to was different than what he was saying.  Come to find out, we were listening to the earlier service, recorded…. : we were getting quite annoyed.

We came back in the evening, Mr. Ham spoke about How to Reach the Secularized World with the Gospel. It was very interesting, but we didn’t know it was their regular service.  They had the music and everything like normal, at least,  I guess it was normal for them. 😦 None of us liked it. It was like they tried to mix Praise and Worship, with Hymns, and the outcome was not something I would care to hear again.  They had the same beat through all of the songs. It was like a small orchestra, and a contemporary band mixed up into one (But not in a good way like Trans Siberian Orchestra).   A Tuba, Trumpets, French horns, all kinds of drums (Small to  HUGE), Violins, Guitars (electric and acoustic) and Harps to name a few.  Add in a full choir and it sounds more like a jumbled mess than a joyful noise.  Now, I know it can be done in a beautiful way, but in my opinion, this was not it. Sorry to sound negative. 🙂 It wasn’t that bad…

After Mr Ham spoke, Dr. Gary Parker talked about Genes and Genesis.  Extremely interesting! I realized that everyone is related, because we all go back to Adam, and then Noah, but I hadn’t really thought about there not really being any “races”. No one’s really white.  If you look like a piece of paper, something is terribly wrong!  And no one’s really black.  Everyone has the same (basic) pigments, so just different shades of brown. 

Day11, Sun

Monday Ken Ham had a session for younger kids with a lot of stuff like Dinosaurs, like , and “what happened to the Dinosaurs? They Died”.  He also explained that Dinosaurs were made on the 6th day with Adam, and the average size of a Dino was about the size of a sheep, and some were as small as chickens or smaller! Full of great stuff!  Then he had a session for older kids (think Highschool age), and talked about some of the most asked questions, like “where did Cains wife come from?”.   I had always thought this was a dumb question (yes now I know that some people don’t believe these things lol).  Of course, it’s his sister! There’s no one else there!! Yes, now it would be… Nasty. But it was different then!  He did explain the part I didn’t understand though.  Because Adam and Eve were the first people, they had no mutations or anything, so any that their kids had, were not very strong. (if that makes any sense at all lol) Now, we get not exactly our parents genes, but our siblings get close enough, that whatever we would pass on would be very strong, and so the children would have it even stronger, and it would just be a big mess. They explained all this MUCH more eloquently than I can.  This game kind of explains a bit, you can also go to the Answers in Genesis website and search for whatever you have a question about

Today we’ve been catching up on everything we didn’t get done all weekend! lol

Only in America can you get fresh cherries in the middle of winter? lol

Day 13, Chillaxin'
red eye!
Day 12, Ken Ham

Good night all!

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