Pictures, Short

Day 8, Debate


Today was the first debate class of the semester! We had to interview a new friend (as in meet them lol) for three minutes, then you have three minutes to sum up your life for the other person. lol After this, you have to give a speech (not long, just about the length of a commercial) about them, being sure to include any interesting things they happen to remember about themselves in three minutes.  My partner had been to 48 states!

Day 8, Sunrise

This afternoon, Mom took Meg to Hancock’s and I stayed back with Hannah, Adam and Claire.  But Adam is sick and Claire was keeping herself busy on the computer.  I had made some Hot Cocoa, and took it upstairs.  After Drinking some of it I let Hannah have some, and realized, her small hands are ADORABLE on my big cup!

Good to that last drop, no matter how hard to get!

Out of about 100 pictures, these are about the only ones that came out… Little hands, no matter how cute, are very wiggly. 🙂

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