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Day 5, Snow day!! cont.

Day 5, Snow Gnome House

Hi everyone! Here is my continuation of this mornings post! 🙂

Meg tromping in the woods

Purty Meg

Drifts on the Solarium windows

playing Toss Up after dinner and blizzards


5 thoughts on “Day 5, Snow day!! cont.”

  1. Yes it’s very fun! It’s a dice game sort of, but it uses special dice. Their green on most of the sides, but 3 (I think). 2 are yellow and one is red. You roll all the dice, and collect the greens, and then roll any yellows and reds you get. But if you roll again, and don’t get any greens, and get even one red, you lose all your points that round, but if you get them all green, you have 10 and you get to roll them all again. It’s really fun! Even Hannah(4) plays with us. It’s kinda like Farkle if you’ve ever played that.


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